Saints: Louisiana A-- Hole Principal

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Saints: Louisiana A-- Hole Principal
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There are plenty of incidents where students are sent home for wearing inappropriate clothing to school.  Maybe a girls shorts are too short, or a kid wears a **ck you shirt he got from Spencers, but this story is ridiculous.

Steve Vampran, Principal of Maurepas High School located in Louisiana, told student Brandon Frost he needed to change his shirt on Friday because it was the wrong color. 

The school normally has a dress code that's enforced, but Vampran allowed students to wear Black and Gold to support the Saints in their first ever Super Bowl appearance. 

Well, Frost moved three years prior to Louisiana from Indianapolis.  He's a Colts fan and decided to wear a Joseph Addai jersey.

Frost told a CBS reporter, "I remember (Vampran) saying 'If you like Indiana so much, why don't you go back?" 

Vampran has since acknowledged he shouldn't have said that, according to a local school board member.  Vampran is yet to comment on the incident.

Frost was never forced to leave campus, but decided to because his father, Larry, told him if he received too much trouble for wearing the Colts jersey then he can head home.

Now the situation is headed into an investigation to find out whether Vampran violated the first amendment.  

This is yet another example of a Principal overstepping his boundaries thinking he can enforce whatever law he chooses because he thinks the campus he's in charge of is his land. 

I hope Vampran is punished for his unconstitutional act so students can finally have a victory over these power hungry faculty members that think kids have no rights.

Who Dat A-- Hole?  Vampran dat A-- Hole

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