"It's Not All Hogan's Fault"

IGGY AZALEAContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 24:  Hulk Hogan enters the stage prior to his bout against Rick Flair during the Hulkamania Tour at the Burswood Dome on November 24, 2009 in Perth, Australia.  (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
Paul Kane/Getty Images

First of all as everyone knows over a month ago TNA added Hulk Hogan to be like the GM of TNA, and I realize everyone sees Hogan as the "Show Killer" to be dramatic and I also saw it that way too, but now I came up with something.

You see Dixie Carter is the President of the whole company! So she chose Hogan with her gut feeling that he will bring the company to the top, and obliviously he's not, so if anyone wants to blame someone for bringing the company blame her because she's the one who hired him.

I see it as this Dixie needs to do some heavy thinking right here and get him out, so my best suggestion is to add him as a superstar if she still wants him in the company still or have him be behind the scenes because his not management material whatsoever because

  • Every week he pathetically tries to trash talk Vince
  • Doesn't push the "Young & exciting superstars" except for AJ
  • The show is no longer structured, all it is ambush after ambush then a match, then a segment. No one wants to see that!!!
  • He uses TNA only for his selfish ego and greed, and does not put any heart into the TNA like he should.
  • Also TNA needs to lower the face time for OLD HAS-BEENS("The Band & The Nasty Boys")

 And that is some of the damages of Dixie's decision to bring back Hulk Hogan.

  Thank you for reading and next time you get angry at TNA, blame Dixie Carter for her bad business decision.