Jesus H. Tebow – Take Two

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IFebruary 8, 2010

As I wrote last week, and as you more than likely viewed with underwhelming delight during Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast, Santa Claus aficionado Tim Tebow was featured in a pro-life Super Bowl ad with his mom and her manicure. Outside of the game, cheerleaders, every other dreadful commercial, and the boredom that is Phil Simms and Jim Nance — it was one of the lowlights of the broadcast.

After all, who doesn’t love commercials about the ills of fetus removal?

Tebow, of course, has the right to pray to whatever make-believe deity or 1970s teen idol he chooses (I always liked Lief Garrett and Rick Springfield myself).

But as the Tebow spot requested, I visited the website for the Tim Tebow Foundation and watched this intro video from the Bible-thumpin’ southpaw.

Does Timmy need some practice at making teleprompter reading look natural?  You be the judge.

Tim Tebow Foundation from Tim Tebow on Vimeo.

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