Christian Needs To Be Heel Agian; and Champion

Brian WoodsContributor IIFebruary 8, 2010

Since coming back to the WWE or ECW, on the February 10, 2009 edition of ECW. Which was great because I was hoping for a Christian come back for a long time. Though it is great to have him back I think that the Baby Face Christian has gotten to the limit and needs to the CLB Heel.

Try to remember back to 2003-04 when he was at his peak of CLB dom( nickname "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.)calling himself "the new peoples champ",proclaiming himself all kinds of nicknames as a matter of fact, and making bets worth 1 dollar canadian to see who could sleep with there partner first.(Christian with Lita, and Jericho with Stratus.)

Let's bring it back to those good old days, I miss them and I'm sure you do to. Not that they can make bets about sleeping with people now, seeing that it's rated pg. But let's try to get Christian back to CLB Christian, only this time with a major championship.

Now since that ECW is over with, it's obvious he can't stay their. He needs a new start and focus on bigger, better things like the World Heavyweight championship on Smackdown.

The first time he wasn't used to his highest potential and wound up leaving for TNA. Where he found superstardom winning the NWA world heavyweight championship two times.

It's Christian time in the WWE to rise up to the top of the company where he rightly desearves. We should bring back the CLB that we all know and love, but on smackdown now.

Christian has waited long enough to become a real world champion not a "fake" ECW champion "as in not as good as either championship, but made out to be.)

By the way I think he should bring back the captain charisma ring entrance suits. Also we should get to see a E&C reunion that would reek of awsomeness.

I know this article wasn't very good I don't know what the problem was I just couldn't think of what to write. I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn't articulate it.

Leave any comments you want I'm all ears.