Men on the Move: Which Eagles QB Is on His Way Out?

James Wright IIIContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 9:  Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles throws the ball in the second half against the Dallas Cowboys during the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at Cowboys Stadium on January 9, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I will never forget an interview in August of 2009 that Andy Reid gave to ESPN's Sal Palantonio. It reminds me of just how disciplined coaches need to be in order to not alert other teams to their plans of attack.

The dynamic and amazing reporter had been taking a luxury bus around the country and stopping at each of the NFL's 32 training camp sites. On this particular day he arrived in Bethlehem, PA, the site of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.

Andy Reid was asked a number of questions ranging from the health of Brian Westbrook to the youth of his often talented defense. One question arose right at the end of the interview that peeked my interest in particular. Reid was asked about the Michael Vick situation and if he had thought about signing the former All-Pro quarterback to the team.

Reid responded by talking about how he was proud of Vick for the progress he had made in his rehabilitation as a man and to rejoin the NFL. He also said that every man deserved a second chance and Vick was no exception. 

Palantonio asked again if he thought Vick would be a good fit to join the Eagles

Reid simply replied, "I like my quarterbacks that I have right now." Then smiled.

We all know what happened about a week later. Vick was at the Nova Care Complex giving his introductory press conference and saying everything that he needed to say after he was signed to what essentially was a two-year contract.

Reid had hidden his intentions so well that I was in total shock when my sister had relayed the news to me over the phone as I strolled through the local mall with my family. 

I was so excited, but then thought to myself, "Wait a second. Didn't Reid say he was happy with his quarterbacks. Does this mean he is not?"

No one really even knew that Reid had been in contact with Tony Dungy about Michael Vick. No one outside of the brass of the Eagles and Donovan McNabb, as it turned out.

Now the Eagles are in quite an interesting situation one day removed from a Saints' Super Bowl victory. Reports have begun to surface about serious interest from the Browns, Bills, and Broncos in regards to acquiring Donovan McNabb. Also, reports are coming out that the Rams have expressed interest in Vick and at least two teams have thrown Kevin Kolb's name into the mix about what it would take to acquire him.

What do the Eagles do here? 

Could they trade McNabb for a high draft pick or premiere player from any of these teams? What would Vick or Kolb bring from a trade? Would the Eagles consider trading more than one of the three?

Well it is funny because you can't say that any of the three are leaving for sure. Then again, you can't say that all three could not be traded. All three quarterbacks are in the final year of their respective contracts and I have to agree with many that at least one of them is probably going to go.

Forgive me if I don't totally believe Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and the rest of the Eagles organization when they say that Donovan McNabb will be the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010. Or, that McNabb, Vick, and Kolb could be back on the Eagles together for another season. It is inconceivable.

Here is something to think about though. Everyone thinks it will be Vick who will be the odd man out, but if I had a guess as to which quarterback will be on the move before any of the others, I would go with Kevin Kolb. Why Kolb?  I want all of you reading this to think about this name for a minute, A.J. Feeley. Remember him?

Yes, Kolb is young and showed great accuracy in two games this season. Oh yeah, two games. Mr. Feeley was in a similar situation in Philadelphia not long ago.

McNabb had just suffered a season-ending injury going into Monday game against the 49er's. Koy Detmer started the prime time event, but also found himself on IR by the end of the game with a dislocated elbow. 

Enter Feeley. 

For the next four games and into the playoffs Feeley showed good leadership, accuracy, and command of the offense.

Later, the Eagles would trade Feeley to the Dolphins for a second round draft pick. He played in four games and he drew a second-round pick. That was crazy. I could not believe it.

The Dolphins would feel like they should have been committed later on for making such a move, as Feeley was a bust and eventually, a few years later, would be back in Philadelphia for his second stint with the team.

Could Kolb draw that kind of interest and price tag for only two games? Oh yeah. He set an NFL record as being the only quarterback to throw for 300 yards in each of his first two starts. The Eagles could sell that to a number of teams. His two games would buy the trade and youth would raise the price. 

Sometimes, the Eagles make me believe they could sell a cat to a mouse. They have unloaded players like A.J. Feeley and Lito Sheppard for much higher price tags than what they were worth. 

If they could draw enough interest for any of their quarterbacks and Andy Reid can work his magic one more time, then we could be back here in a few weeks talking about a blockbuster deal that would send a few quarterbacks to new homes. 

You may even see a new starter for the Eagles making a new home in the nest.