Open Letter to TV Sports: Make Sports Viewable for Us Fans!!

RJ SouzaContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

Last night, I enjoyed watching the celebration of the New Orleans Saints locking down their first Super Bowl. A great game that ended with the underdog taking the victory from the favored Colts. Yeah, I truly enjoyed it.

My problem? By the time the celebrations and interviews finished, It was nearly nine o'clock at night. I needed to bring myself down from the adrenaline high of the game and try to get relaxed to sleep for work in the morning.

It got me to start thinking. Super Bowl weekend is just that. The ENTIRE Weekend. The parties, pregame, and everything around it. Could they start this game a bit earlier? Why not? The four hours of breaking down the game is a bit much. No one wants to truly hear about what the President thinks about the Super Bowl, do we?

Here are some of my ideas revolving around all sports:

1) The Super Bowl should start about two hours earlier...or play the game on Saturday:

This gives the East Coast a 4:25 start, the West a 1:25 start. Plenty of time to enjoy the party, celebrate, and be ready for the work week ahead. A Saturday start could place the Super Bowl time as it is currently. But then fans could party into the wee hours without worry of the dreaded Monday lurking around the corner.


2) Play the BCS Championship game on a weekend:

I got news for some of those white collar guys. Most sports fans are blue collar guys who work second and third shifts. The same guys who pour 13 weeks of Saturdays into the college sports week. It's a shame that the "season Finale" changes to a night most fans will be unable to watch because of the weeknights.


3) The World Series should play as many twilight games as it can.

Eight o'clock at night is going to have young fans in bed before the starting pitcher's get off the bump. Keep in mind, these are the fans who will be lining the pockets of your Superstars of tomorrow.


4) The NBA needs to drop from 16 play-off teams to 12.

My theory is if you have 82 games to decide on playoff spots, you can't have more than half your teams in. Work in the NFL playoff tree, limit the first round to three games and play on. That way, the playoffs don't drag on for two months.


5) The NFL draft needs to go back to the Saturday/Sunday show.

My best friend and I meet every year for the draft and make a weekend out of it. Most NFL fans will not be in front of a TV of a Friday night to watch Suh and Berry end up with their new team colors.


I invite everyone to add to the list. Keep in mind, I don't watch hockey much anymore, so any ideas will help.


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