Sundin and the Waiting Game

Matt WoodmanCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

The next few days for me are almost going to be like reading Mats Sundin’s horoscope.


It’s unsurprising that Sundin hasn’t made up his mind yet, and he has deserved that right to take his time and weigh out his options, just as long as he doesn’t take, what I like to call, “Scott Niedermayer time.”


After we finally see his decision, we may actually know what kind of guy Mats is.


Let’s have a gander at his options:



Signing with a team like the Canadiens or Rangers means he has the taste of success on his appetite for the up and coming season and isn’t worried at this point in his career about collecting top dollars.



He is almost 38 and his chances at winning a cup, and getting his name engraved on Stanley are on a huge decline and have been ever since he started playing for the Leafs.



Resigning with the Leafs means he wants to help develop the younger players that the Leafs are sure to bring up, and try and help bring the Leafs to a playoff berth for the first time in what will be four seasons.



More importantly he might want to finish his career off as a Maple Leaf with pride and have the support of all Leafs fans behind him when he hangs them up in a couple years.



Signing with the Canucks and their $20 million dollar offer means one thing—Sundin is only in it this year to make a bit of dough.



The Canucks have no chance next season, in my opinion, of winning the cup.



Yes, they have a No. one goalie and a tough defense, but they’ll need more firepower than Sundin to make their way to the Cup, let alone the playoffs.



If Sundin decides to “hang em’ up” this year, he will have my full respect.



He had a great NHL career and his goal to retire, as Leaf will be fulfilled.



Being the guy Mats Sundin is, he will only retire if he truly believes he has accomplished everything he has wanted too throughout his career.



In the future we will truly figure out what Mats is, after this season.