Headliner's Ball: Super Bowl XLIV

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Headliner's Ball: Super Bowl XLIV

Needless to say, sports headline writers across the nation are VERY pleased that the NFL lifted their efforts to ban/regulate the usage of New Orleans’ signature “Who dat?” phrase.  Where is the creativity, fellas?

How about a “What A Brees…” or something?  We’re a little short on snappiness and token puns.

Sports Illustrated –


Fox Sports –


ESPN.com –


AOL Fanhouse –


New York Daily News –


NBC Sports –



A very special “Headliner’s Ball” shout-out to Yahoo! Sports for bucking the trend and going with something a little more creative and way snappier. If there are no New Orleans merchandise owners rushing delivery on customized t-shirts with this headline, they’re missing one heck of a business proposition.

Yahoo! Sports –


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