John Terry Scandal: How Much Longer Will It Draw Attention?

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John Terry Scandal: How Much Longer Will It Draw Attention?
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On Sunday afternoon, England manager Fabio Capello learned his team's Euro 2012 group mates. 

However, the media in attendance in Warsaw were more keen to know where the England manager stood on the issue of John Terry.

Terry learned on Friday afternoon that he would be removed from his role as England's captain after information about his personal life was revealed. 

When asked about Terry's role in the upcoming World Cup, Capello told reporters, "Terry is an important player for England." He also said that he considers the issue to be over, and that there was no further need to discuss it.

However, it would seem that some are not ready to put this story to rest just yet.

The Guardian is reporting that there appears to still be some bit of fear amongst the Football Association and those close to Terry, that more allegations could emerge in the buildup to South Africa.

It is unlikely that the eyes on John Terry will turn away anytime soon. 

The blistering criticism that he has received in the wake of the incident will be enough to spur further examination of Terry's personal life. Any activity that seems to be slightly off center will be brought to the forefront. Terry will be thrust into the fray again.

It is possible that Terry will face a bevy of former "acquaintances" who will come forward, thus compounding the issue and extending it as we move toward June?

While a footballer's personal life should remain just that, it is unlikely that John Terry will be able to return to any form of normality off the pitch for the time being.


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