Sport, What Is a Sport? Tiger Answers.

CB MaxwellContributor IJuly 1, 2008

We have been hearing alot of criticism of late here at Bleacher Report and elsewhere for that matter that golf is not a "sport".

The dictionary definition of a sport is any physical activity that brings pleasure so that would mean that sex is a sport.  Come to think of it, many people treat it that way.

Professionals in the USA, and yet there are only 300 professionals on the Nationwide and yet, when you think of the skill sets that it takes to make a good golfer, such as:  stamina, eye-hand coordination, thoughtfulness, strategy, courage, and skill, it goes without question that professional golf is a sport. 

Ken Venturi almost killed himself from dehydration to win a US Open, Hubie Green played under death threats, Ben Hogan played after a near fatal car crash that left his legs almost inoperable. 

Tiger played the last nine months with a torn ACL, and later two stress fractures in his left leg. 

Golf is the only sport where your performance dictates your earnings, except for Tennis.  Golf requires that you beat 156 other players, tennis you only have to win eight matches. 

Golf requires that you play 72 holes over 20 miles of walking and putting a small ball in a 4.25" hole.  It requires power, strategy, control, precision, touch, and putting, hazards, and management of the elements. 

There are 30,000 PGA Tour who qualify to play or less than .01% of them are able to compete at the highest level.

The average win is by only one stroke over 72 holes with say 280 being the number.  That means, that the win percentage is by .00357. 

When Tiger Wood won the US Open by 15 shots at Pebble Beach, his win advantage was .053, or 14.83 times greater a percentage in winning than a typical Tour event. 

That is a testament to his greatness and the greatness of the "sport".

In golf there are thousands of considerations to make in any given round of golf.  Wind, speed of greens, trees, strategy, opponents, the elements, the cut of the grass, the depth of the rough, which club to select, the mental game, how you react to adversity, bunkers, did I say trees? 

There is no time limit.  You have to play by the rules, which you must call on yourself.  Penalties.  Disqualification.  Injuries.  It is a sport.  Oh, and by the way, the "oldest" sport, over 400 years old.

Is soccer a sport?  A bunch of guys run around kicking a ball through a large net. 

Is basketball a sport?  Five guys putting a ball through a ten foot hoop with no discernable difference in skill. 

Is child rearing a sport?  Raise a bunch of malfunctioning mall rats who think Obama is hip. 

Definitely not a sport.