Super Bowl XLIV: The 5 Best Super Bowl Commericials In The First Half

Zach BolenContributor IIIFebruary 7, 2010

Alright kids, we have made it through the first 30 minutes of Super Bowl XLIV. There have been some really funny commercials, and some not so funny ones. Luckily, I have picked the five best so far.

1. Doritos Electric Collar

This great commercial featured a dog with an electric collar on. Easy enough right? Well, a man with a bag of Doritos comes along, and tells the dog if he wants one, he will have to speak. Soon enough, the dog takes off his collar, and well watch the rest:


2. Doritos Filled Casket

This is the way I want to go. A casket full of Doritos and a T.V. with access to my favorite shows and sports. Just don't get too excited!


3. Doritos House Rules

Do you notice a trend here? As usual, Doritos has pumped a lot of money in to Super Bowl Ads again. This is the last one of the first half, this time with a child laying down the ground rules!


4. Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle

McMahon, Ditka and the boys are back! This time for Boost Mobile.


5. Bud Light House of Beer

Bud Light has come out with another classic commercial. A house made out of empty beer cans, or are they?

There we are guys and gals! The top five commercials so far in Super Bowl XLIV. See you soon with part two, the second half.