Would The Yankees Trade For Santana With This Seasons Info?

JJ StrausserContributor IJuly 1, 2008

Ok you must understand that this point of view is coming from a Ravid red Sox fan, that being said Here are three reasons why the Yankees would have made the trade for Johan Santana knowing what they know now.

1. Phil Hughes: Despite the fact that he was supposed to be the future of the Yankees pitching staff, he went 0-4 with a 9.00 ERA and 13 K's in 6 starts. That doesn't sound like a pitcher that is untradeable to me? before being put on the DL with a strained oblique and cracked rib.

2. Ian Kennedy: He was right behind Hughes as the Yankees top two prospects, he did slightly better the Hughes going 0-3 with a 7.41 ERA and 26 K's in 8 starts. Kennedy just like Hughes was called untradeable by the front office of the yankees. Kennedy now is in AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

3. Joba Chamberlian: While he has pitched well so far as a stater he is much better as a reliever/set up man for Rivera. If they had traded for Santana it would have meant that Joba was going to stay in the bullpen for most of the year or until Kennedy or Hughes faulted a little.

On the flip side the other team that was seriously pursuing Santana the Boston Red Sox are looking very smart in not trading any of there young prospects for Santana. I won't go into to much detail in this article but the names that we always thrown out with the trade were.

Jon Lester: who threw a no hitter and is right now the most consistent starter for the team

Jacoby Ellsburry: Leader for AL rookie of the year

Justin Masterson: 4-2 3.75 ERA

Michael Bowden: Top Red Sox prospect

Basically all I am wondering is if you are the steinbrenner's would you pull the trigger on the Johan Santana trade knowing what you know now about the years Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy were going to have?