NBA: 2009-2010 Week 16 Fantasy Basketball Start/Sit Lineup Planner

Dave GawronContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 18:  (L-R) Rashard Lewis #9, J.J. Redick #7, Jameer Nelson #14, Matt Barnes #22 and Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic stand on the court in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers during the game on January 18, 2010 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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Below, we help you set your line-up for (who to start or sit) for the upcoming week by looking at the Top 5 four-game schedules. Our Games-per-Week Schedule Grid is especially useful throughout the season, so make sure you download it, print it, and keep it by your side to consult for every decision you make. Personally, I like to take a blue highlighter and "blue out" the column for the current week each Tuesday as to easier see the good and bad stretches on the horizon.

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ALL STAR WEEK NOTE: Orlando is the only three-game team.


Note: We're just putting the obvious, all-league "starts" in brackets now to begin each blurb.

5. Atlanta Hawks (@MEM, MIA)

[Johnson, Smith, Horford] Williams, Crawford, and Bibby are deep-league considerations this week

4. Philadelphia 76ers (MIN, @TOR)

[Iguodala, Brand] There are certainly some inconsistency issues here, so weigh your options, but after Iggy and Brand, I like Iverson, Lou Williams, Dalembert, and Young right now, in that order. 

3. Charlotte Bobcats (WAS, @MIN)

[G. Wallace, S. Jackson, Felton] Diaw has been better lately, and Murray should score some points for you, if that helps in deeper leagues. Chandler is still out, but Mohammed has had some good games lately and is useful in deep leagues. 

2. Dallas Mavericks (@GS, @DEN)

[Dirk, Kidd] Terry and Marion should have fine weeks, as well as Drew Gooden.

1. Orlando Magic (NO, @CHI, @CLE)

[Howard] Carter still worries me a bit, but with the three-gamer, he may be used in all leagues. Lewis and Barnes are okay options in deep leagues. Nelson should be healthy enough to contribute this week. The others (Pietrus, Redick, Ryan Anderson, and Jason Williams) are not recommended.

OTHER 2-GAME WEEKS (ranked best to worst) :

  • UTA - [Deron Williams] Boozer should be back this week,once again killing Millsap's value. Okur and Kirilenko have been good lately. Matthews, Ronnie Brewer, and C.J. Miles can be considered in the deeper leagues.
  • DEN - [Billups, Nene, Martin] You have to sit Anthony at this point. J.R. Smith can be considered in deep leagues for his threes, but the other Nuggets (Afflalo, Andersen, and Lawson) are too inconsistent.
  • GS - [Ellis] Maggette and Curry are good in all leagues. Biedrins and C.J. Watson are usable (barely) in deep leagues.
  • CLE - [James] Shaq has looked great lately. The rest of the Cavs (Z, Varejao, Hickson, Parker, West, and Gibson) are unfortunately too iffy to go with, despite the decent schedule.
  • MIL - [Bogut, Jennings] Consider Delfino, Warwick, and Ridnour in deep leagues, and Bell and Ilyasova in even deeper ones.
  • SAC - [Martin] Evans will not play the full week and is too risky to use, but you can roll the dice on Udrih in the deeper leagues. Hawes and Thompson are usable in deeper leagues, but not recommended. Casspi is too inconsistent now.
  • LAC - [Baron Davis, Kaman, Camby] Eric Gordon and Rasual Butler have looked better lately. Craig Smith and Al Thornton are too inconsistent to use.
  • LAL - [Bryant, Gasol, Bynum] You can't sit any of the big three, regardless of the health issues. Artest and Odom can be used in deep leagues. You're in trouble if you have to dig down to Fisher, Farmar, or Shannon Brown.
  • MIA - [Wade, Beasley] O'Neal and Haslem should be good enough in deep leagues this week. Alston and Q-Rich are barely worth considering in deep leagues.
  • MIN - [Jefferson] Flynn and Corey Brewer are worth considering. So is Hollins, after his insertion into the starting line-up. Love can still be used in deep leagues. Gomes is too inconsistent right now.
  • CHI - [Rose, Deng] Hinrich should have a good week. Brad Miller could be considered in deep leagues, with Noah out. Salmons works in deep leagues right now, too. You can't use Ty Thomas or Taj Gibson right now -- not enough production there.
  • NO - [West, Okafor, Collison] Marcus Thornton and Stojakovic are deep league considerations.
  • POR - [Roy, Aldridge] Andre Miller is still a strong play. Batum, Bayless, Webster, Fernandez, Blake, and Howard aren't consistent enough to use in most leagues right now.
  • SA - [Duncan, Parker] Ginobili is moderately helpful in most leagues. George Hill can still help in deep leagues, even with Parker back. Blair and McDyess can give you rebounds in deep leagues.
  • DET - [Stuckey, Hamilton] Prince and Ben Gordon are okay in deep leagues. Bynum, Ben Wallace and Jerebko work as desperation plays in the deeper leagues. 
  • NJ - [Lopez, Harris] Hayes is starting at SF now, but he's just a deep-league desperation play. Lee, Yi, Humphries, CDR, and Terrence Williams are just all too inconsistent to use. Go with Lee, Humph, and Yi in the deeper leagues if you have to this week, but don't expect much. 

ONE-GAME WEEKS (ranked best to worst): PHO, BOS, NY, TOR, MEM, HOU, OKC, IND, WAS

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