A Summary About My Feelings on WWE At This Time

Blair T-BContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

Hello like minded people of Bleacher Report. Today is a great day, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I have a "HOT POLL". Anyways, I have a lot of things to write about, so i thought about writing a Summary of the WWE.


I don't care about Sheamus. He's done nothing to convince me that he's championship material. Scores and scores of us wonderful Bleacher People begged for new blood to be blooded, but i didn't think that the new blood would be SHEAMUS.

I hope Randy finally kicks Ted's ass and gets over it, because Ted is not worthy of the WWE Title, and he's done nothing all last year apart from be Randy's little minion and getting beaten up by two old men who are rebellious and act like 20-year-olds.

Speaking on the two old men, its time for DX to fight between each other and Hornswoggle to be wished well on his future endeavours.

I don't care what Cena's doing, he'll be turning Super Cena soon and beating up Batista against the odds at Wrestlemania soon, until then expect regular beatings from Batista, great ideas writing staff.

The Miz is awesome, when a heel gets cheered while delivering his promos, HE'S AWESOME, but even if MVP interrupts his AWESOME segment, The Miz is still ok because he came to play.

Divas Championship tournament is still going, and I've lost complete interest because Mickie and the Bitchy girls of Smackdown are outshining some lackluster well worn idea of a tournament from Raw.


Vince is cancelling the show, probably for the best. Poor old Gregory Helms took heat all show from everybody, and Big Zeke destroyed him after. If only The Hurricane was there, as if he's done anything worth anything lately.

Christian's still carrying the title and the show, he'll probably end up upper mid card on Smackdown, sucks to be him and as a peep, i wish our Captain turned into a heel and became the asshole he was in his prime, which was five years ago.

Shelton Benjamin jobbed to Vance Archer. Shelton always has a good match in him, and he will be a good jobber fodder for the future stars and Vance Archers of the WWE.

By the way, WWE needs to start giving gimmicks out again, these generic two named wrestlers annoy me. Finally a shout out to Zack Ryder, awesome guy, love his trunks. Woo Woo Woo


I don't care.


Best show in my opinion at the moment. I don't approve of Undertaker as the Champion, he's a great icon but I believe full-time wrestlers should be champion, unless a part time wrestler goes full time which he hasn't done.

Anyway, Chris Jericho is still there, looks like he will feud with Edge and I think Chris will win at Elimination Chamber and Edge will look to feud with Chris, while Undertaker moves to Shawn Michaels.

John Morrison is climbing, but i see him winning money in the bank. CM Punk is the top performer for the company though, he's just so clever, I'm a huge fan of the Straight Edge Society and the way CM Punk is portrayed.

The Women's Championship feud between Mickie and Michelle McCool. I felt so bad for Mickie when Michelle dropped that punch bowl on Mickie. Really bad, good heel work from Michelle and I think its a good storyline.

Thank you to the wonderful readers out there.

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