Rating The Free Agent Moves, Day One

Dan SturgisCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

The Overspender

There always has to be one. In the last few years, the New York Islanders have held the spot as stupidest overspenders, with Toronto not far behind. The prize this year goes to Chicago, who after signing Cristobal Huet, now have 13 million, or almost one quarter of their entire cap space, locked up in goaltending for this season.

Huet's deal is a four year, $5.4 million per year deal.

Fool me once (Khabibulin 7+ million) shame on you.

Fool me twice (Huet 5+million four year contract) shame on the idiot GM in Chicago.

Also signed by Chicago was star defenceman Brian Campbell to a $7.14 million/year, eight year contract. Campbell is worth $7-8 million per season on a shorter contract, but an eight year contract is ridiculous!


A second contender of overspender of the year goes to Vancouver who have offered Mats Sundin $20 million over two years. Sundin is good, but I wouldn't think he was good enough to be the highest paid player in the entire league!



The Genius Moves

Detroit has shown their typical genius by signing Ty Conklin to a one year, $700,000 contract.

Compare last year and overall career stats. Huet vs Conklin.

Cristobal Huet

Age 33

Salary - $5.4 million per year for four years.

2007-2008 Canadiens   39 2,277 21 12 -6 97 1,150 2 2.55 .916
2007-2008 Capitals   13 771 11 2 -0 21 329 2 1.63 .936

NHL Career:



Ty Conklin

Age: 31

Salary $0.75 million per year for one year.

2007-2008 Penguins   33 1,865 18 8 -5 78 1,013 2 2.51 .923

NHL Totals: 1095,7394832482492,72742.60.909


At some point this season, people are going to look over the stats and compare what they are getting out of their players. Conklin and Huet have very comparable career numbers. Huet is getting paid almost eight times what the Conklin is.

I respect Detroit's mentality - go cheap with the netminders if you can.

Netminding, Detroit vs Chicago


Osgood - $800,000,  .914 save percentage, 2.09 GAA, 27-9-4

Conklin  - $700,000,  .923 save percentage, 2.51 GAA, 18-8-5



Khabibulin - $7,100,000, .909 save percentage, 2.63 GAA, 23-20-6

Huet         - $5,400,000, .920 save percentage, 2.32 GAA, 32-14-6


At around 1/9th the price, I think Detroit got the better deal.