John Cena:The Voice of WWE + Why He Is or Isn't Hated

The Lord Of DarknessContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

Well it seems as if John Cena is the voice of all pro wrestling, if not all, WWE.

If you look to the right on the "Did You Know" not only will you see that people ages 18-30 mainly watch WWE (Not John Cena's orange shirt wearing fans) but that "John Cena is the only celebrity alongside Michael Jordan in the Make a Wish Foundation.....".

If you watch that video, John Cena is narrating everything that ISN'T a video clip.
Like many people say, the allegedly Gay PG superstar has ruined WWE single handedly.
Not only has he been stale since 2006, but Hogged Spotlight and had 40 matches with Randy Orton in Year 2009 (38 of which, by the way, John Cena won after forgetting he was wrestling for the past 20+ minutes, and completely loses all pain he may have recently had).

Now either he REALLY IS SuperMan or he really is a loser, either way, only kids like him because they like what they're told to like by the WWE (hence, the kids boo Orton and cheer Cena, but the Adults cheer Orton and boo Cena).

Why is Cena actually booed?

  1. He is "gay".
  2. He has 5 moves (FU, STFU, Shoulder Block, Leg Drop, and the 5 Move Knuckle Shuffle).
  3. He wears Orange - the worst colour to put on clothing.
  4. He's been in the same title scene on the same brand since 2005.
  5. He could be beat down for 59.38 seconds, but still win a match with 3 seconds to go.
  6. 15 minutes into a match, he overcomes whatever finishers or high powered moves that would put others out (EG, 2 RKO's, 1 SCM, 2 Pedigree's etc) and hits 1 Standing Fireman's Carry and the match is over- not only is it over, they're still in pain the next week!
  7. It's apparently his fault WWE went PG.
  8. He's been a face for 5 years.
  9. He feuds with the same people for 1 year before swapping/adding another superstar to the mixture of boring feuds.
  10. He apparently "uses steroids" and hasn't be fired.
  11. His matches are predictable (after 10 minutes of losing.. he wins?).

He is always in the promo's that aren't concerning WWE mainly (like the video, regarding parents, Make a Wish, Don't try this at Home)
and people are sick of hearing his voice. I'm starting to wonder the real reason Bret Hart drew a 3.6 on Monday Night Raw was because Cena didn't show up.