My Town Rocks: Omaha, Nebraska

BobAnalyst IJuly 1, 2008

Omaha, NE...somewhere in the middle of America.

Every year for the past 50 plus years, Omaha has played host to the biggest event in College Baseball, the College World Series.

Omaha's Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium picked up the series in 1955 when it was a "forgotten" event that no city really wanted.

Omaha has now turned the series into one of the most sought after events in College sports.

The College World Series will be getting a new home in the next few years but the tradition should stay much the same.

Half the attendance for the series will come from the city's population itself and the event will bring in a whopping $50 million plus in the two weeks the series takes place.

Omaha also plays host to the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks who play Division II sports minus the fact they have a Division I hockey program that plays at the Qwest Center Omaha.

In the next couple of weeks, Omaha will play host to the Team USA Olympic Swim Trials. The Trials will feature such names at Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, and even a 15-year-old named Elizabeth Beisel.

Omaha also is the home of the Creighton Blue jays, a Division I athletic team which features a often stellar basketball team which makes the NCAA tournament nearly every season.

Omaha played host to the NCAA Division I volleyball championships two years ago and is set to host them again next season. Omaha, for the first time in a couple of decades, also hosted two rounds of the NCAA Division I basketball tournament at Qwest Center Omaha.

The city plays host to an arena football team, the Omaha Beef. Formerly hosting a minor league hockey team, the Omaha Knights, before their removal due to poor attendance this past year.

When the College World Series is not going on at Rosenblatt Stadium it plays host to the Omaha Royals. The Royals are a AAA farm club for the Kansas City Royals organization.

As you can see, when it comes to sporting events, my city rocks.