This Might Be Bold, But... Jim Rome Ruins Sports

BobAnalyst IJuly 1, 2008

Jim Rome is burning... but who honestly cares?

I honestly would rather listen to Woody Paige ramble incoherent thoughts on Pardon The Interruption (PTI) then listen to one word that Rome spits on his pathetic attempt for a TV show.

Now would be a good time for any Rome fans to refrain from reading the rest of this column.

Rome gets paid hundreds of thousands to millions to rant on a Monday-Friday broadcast on a mainstream TV station, ESPN.

Why are they wasting their money?

He uses the show to rip sports stars and other public figures that he has a personal vendetta against.

He is like the National Enquirer for sports fans, only worse.

Today flipping through my channels on my TV I fell upon ESPN during a commercial and being the sports fan that I am, was curious to see what Rome would bring to today's program.

He used his "Final Burn" segment, a five minute ending to the show, to explain his personal biff with former NBA star, Alonzo Mourning.

Mourning had an unpaid debt to a hotel/casino in Las Vegas of $50,000 for use of a conference room during the NBA All Star break this past season.

When he started comparing Mourning who has not caused much commotion in the sports scene in recent years to stars like the football player formerly known as Pacman Jones and Charles Barkley, I knew something was fishy.

He then went on to explain that the reason why he was personally mad at Mourning for the debt was that when he asked Mourning to come on his show he was not interested in speaking about his NBA career or the NBA in general, but his charity organization.

This man is now picking on people because they raise money and support people with needs?

Rome is capable of starting his own charitable organization with his large mainstream name and good chunk of change he carries in his pocket but I do not see him doing it.

Instead he would rather whine about people wanting to promote charitable organizations and rip them on their shows for even thinking about it.

In 1997, Rome offered $3,000 to any hockey player who would knock a 69-year old player named Gordie Howe who was going to play one more final shift out of the game, saying knock him out of the game forever "putting this old fool back into reality."

It didn't end there with ridiculous stuff that Rome has had in his career or lack-there of as a sportscaster and media personality. He repeatedly called Jim Everett of the former Los Angeles Rams "Chris" after the female tennis player Chris Everett.

Everett was brought onto Jim's current show Talk2 on ESPN 2 where Rome repeatably offended his guest by calling him "Chris" over and over again knowing that Everett took offense.

Everett then threatened Rome that if he did call him "Chris" again that the show better go to a commercial break right thereafter which Rome argued and said the segment of his show was five minutes and that was as long as it was going to be.

Rome then finished his sentence with "Chris" towards Everett.

Everett then in turn threw the table between them over and shoved Rome down the edge of the stage while on live television.

Rome's behavior can be seen here.

This man here sums up how I feel about Jim Rome.


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