Forget About Danica and Fabio Earnhardt...Stewart Win's 2010 NASCAR Cup!

Gordon stewartContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

Listen, Between Danica Kournikova and the newest rule changes in NASCAR, now not only ALLOWING, but encouraging drivers to Show their personalities... errr, loosen a few molars in the garage if necessary, there is LOT'S to keep stock car racing in the conversation. Even with the Super Bowl, (Vegas Bowl actually) cause we KNOW Roger Goodell's good old Las Vegas Cronies have already picked their Winner, NASCAR has been peppering any and EVERY media outlet with stories about the new NASCAR marriage of Danica and Dale Jr. Well not REALLY marriage...more like a partnership of sorts. Hell if Danica Patrick opens her grill it's somehow news. But the botom line here folks is simple. Forget the hype, and the WWE , Ringling Bros Circus, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars BS you hear coming out of so many media machines, Tony Stewart will once again hold the Sprint Cup Championship trophy in 2010. His 3rd overall, and FIRST as a team owner/racer inonoly his 2nd year! I know it's a nice story of the little indy girl that tried reeeeeal hard to get a win in that car with the roof on it for her most popular team owner cult figure, but it will NOT happen! I don't care if Go Daddy, Disney, and Miley Cyrus have all signed on to produce this season...Tony Stewart is the REAL story and a REAL Racer ready to dominate the series again! We already HAVE drama in this series with the emergence of Kyle Busch. You remember him? The guy that can and HAS won races in Truck, Nationwide, AND Cup races in the same season for the last few. Kyle Busch will be a serious threat to Tony Stewart's title Hopes. But in the end it will be Indianna's finest that run's through the field like Rosie O Donnell does a crate of hot wings! Race fan's NEED a Danica Patrick Frenzy about as much as they need Crystal Champagne stands replacing the Budweiser stands at Bristol.  With all due respect to a very deserving Jimmie Johnson and his crew, that well will run dry in 2010, and Smoke will get back to where HE belongs. On top of the NASCAR hill. And I don't give a damn if the little girl BEST known for her temper tantrums than trips to victory lane DOES look better than Tony Stewart in a swimsuit! Tony Stewart will be your 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion. Maybe he will invite Danica over for a swim when he's done lapping her!

This is Gordon "Lug Nutzz" Stewart