Pro Wrestling Needs To Stop Endangering Wrestlers Lives!

christopher velasquezContributor IIFebruary 6, 2010

    Any follower of Pro Wrestling knows the dangers that sports entertainment can bring. Throughout the years we have seen countless deaths resulting from substance abuse and heart attacks. The damage that wrestlers take in the ring is unmatched by any sport. Unlike traditional sports Professional wrestling does not have an off season. These men and women perform constantly on television and in house shows.

    It is devastating to hear about young men involved in the wrestling business having tragic deaths. I understand that promoters like Vince McMahon are not responsible for these deaths but some measures need to be enforced so that this stops. I have been very proud of the recent Steroid policy in WWE but I still think that perhaps house shows should be limited. Wrestlers such as RVD have been very vocal about the WWE schedual being too demanding.

    One of my greatest concers is that Wrestlers are being allowed to wrestle in some organizations that are simply too physically hurt. I can remember in the original ECW wrestlers such as Sabu still continuing to perform even though they should have been given medical attention right away. In sports such as UFC and Boxing we always see that the match is stopped as soon as somebody is injured. I know that sports entertainment is different that traditional sports but a physical inury should be given the same concern. It is not normal for an athlete to be thrown into barbed wire or wrestle with a serious injury.

    The athlete that currently concerns me the most is Kurt Angle. I have all the respect in the world for him but I wish that he would stop wrestling. He has sustained numerous neck injuries to the extent of actually breaking it once. His personal issues have also been in the public eye. I wish that TNA would take his injuries into consideration and limit his in ring perfomances. It is irrisponisble to let him permanently injure his body for ratings.

    I have to admit I will always love the original ECW and I cheer whenever a Superstar puts his body on the line for our entertainment. My issue comes from being tired of seeing my hero's die. I miss watching Eddie Guerrero,Chris Candido, Umaga, Kronus, Test, Chris Benoit, Brian Adams, Mike Awesome, Nancy Benoit, Kurt Henning, Miss Elizabeth, Davey Smith, Rocco Rock, Yokozuna, Brian Pillman, Owen Heart, Rick Rude, Luis Spicolli, Brian Pillman. Those are just some of them and I really hope we dont have to any more this year. I understand that some of you will say its all about personal accountability and you know what you are right. The problem that I see is that it has become a trend and the industry needs to start taking more preventative measures.