MARK ROBINSONContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

     I am and always have been a big fan of Raw.  I always though Raw was the superior program compared to all the other shows that the WWE produces.  I can run through all the different eras and memeriable moments that took place on Raw.  Then the characters that have came and went on Raw, from the wrestlers, announcers, and the GMs.  I can think back to the day when you had the McMahons as your GM, then the Bischoff era, the unforgettable Mike Adamle era and this is just too mention a few.  It was a great addition to the show, you always wanted to see what the GM would rule or what conflict would arise during the show.  Where has all this gone, it is so missed by myself that I would even accept another run of Adamle as the GM and you know that was bad back when he was the GM.  Now we tune in weekly and it kinda feels like a tonight show type or just a plug free for all for whatever the host is trying to promote. 


     I think it is time to put this gimmick too rest.  There is a sorta mockery that the guest host brings with him/her weekly.  There is no storyline or fued to build on from week to week and there is just a one time incident with the guest host and there is just no more good build up/fued with the new GMs.  I miss wondering what the ruling will be next week when we had the likes of Bischoff and Regal as the Gm.  Of course the WWE will argue this fact and review the upside of having a guest host weekly.  Lets see the upside is that one the Guest host spot puts WWE more into mainstream media spotlight and as we all know Vinnie Mac being the true egomanic that he is Vince thrives on this guest host idea weekly.  Another upside is that weekly the writiers can slant the show to the Hosts promotional job and that makes the show an interesting program for the fans of that specefic star and it also allows the show to pick up some more ratings because weekly you may get a fan of that host to tune in to the show whereas he/she would never watch Raw unless that host was a guest.  For these two reasons listed above is it really worht it or should we go back to the way it was when one person from the wrestling world ran this show and made the rules and matches weekly.  That to me was more of the show and made the show more appealing and more unpredictable then it is today.


     I especially do not want to see the Guest host wrestling in the ring.  The WWE has pretty much avoided this, but they have turn to this angle on a couple of occasions.  I feel as though it is time to scrape this idea and go ahead and make a decesion of who will be the new GM.  There is alot of good choices, but I do not even want to begin to explore this until Vince comes around and stops the Guest host idea.  I would even accept having a Guest host weekly with a regular GM being in place as well.  That would be ok with me and then Vince would get his mainstream attention and also satisfy the unhappy viewers whom do not like the Guest host idea like myself.