Hulk Hogan's TNA Is Better Than McMahon's WWE, Because of the Boys

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010


We don't have a girl (Stephanie McMahon ) writing the show telling us what to say ,” said Hulk Hogan on Rob Van Dam ’s radio show earlier this week. He continued, “If I feel it and believe it, you don't have to read some stupid-a** script.” 

First off, Hogan did not do much for TNA’s image with his sexist insult. Secondly, it was stupid, considering the jokes about the genius (or lack thereof) behind Steph O’ Mac write themselves. Especially when you consider that the storylines we have seen during her tenure in the WWE include:

Raw Featuring the Colonoscopy of Jim Ross with Dr. McMahon

Triple H Doing Kane’s Dead Girlfriend Katie Vick

Eddie Guerrero as a Supporting Character in a Storyline After He Passed Away

The Invasion of WWF by WCW Starting with the Unknown Duo, Lance Storm and Hugh Morrus

All Gene Snitsky Gimmicks (Killing Babies, Licking Feet)

The Bogeyman

Seriously, the list goes on and on. It could be the entire syllabus for a “How Not To Write TV 101“ class. Try again, Hulkster.

And, as for the whole “if Hogan believes it, it will work,” I gotta ask...did he believe in Mr. America?

You know, masked guys who look and wrestle like Hogan, but are not him, teaming up with one-legged, flag-waving Zach Gowan.

Yeah, no stupid a** script could have saved that storyline.

By the way, Vince Russo has a book out on how WCW "killed" Vince Russo. I'll leave you guys to comment on the hilarity of that statement.


More goodness from Holloywood’s appearance:

“In WWE, you just become a name and a number and they push and push and it gets real impersonal. You know the chain of command, the nepotism, and the good old buddy system.”

Alright, that makes some sense. Triple H getting to main event WrestleMania on a regular basis, Michelle McCool and the Women’s Title....but what about Hogan’s boys? The Outsiders? The Nastys?

“The Nasty Boys—I love them because I believe they can give 3D a run.”

Whoa, red alert. He just used the Nastys and “run” in the same sentence. Did he even notice Brian Knobbs red in the face as he hit a running/lumbering splash on Eric Young two weeks ago?


Eric Bischoff is Stung

Last week on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show, Easy E mentioned Sting missing TNA tapings. One of the things he said:

“It’s easy to say we want TNA to be No. 1, but if you’re not willing to put TNA as a priority above almost every situation, then it’s probably not going to work out.”

Apparently Sting had “life-and-death personal issues,” as Eric himself put it. Now I know TNA is in a transition stage and they are aiming for the top, but wrestling is at the end of the day, a J.O.B. Did I miss the memo when jobs held more importance over life and death?

Meanwhile, for all those peeps who dared to miss Impact this week...


Instant Impact:

D Angelo Dinero (The Pope) beat World Champ AJ Styles w/Ric Flair:

You MUST see this match. Great outing, short, sweet and solid proof the Pope is main event material.

Joe Shoves Nature Up Ric Flair’s...

Samoa Joe is cashing in his World Title shot at Against All Odds. Joe came to the aid of the Pope during a post match beat down, and returned to his old bada** Stone Cold type-self. Now anyone who think TNA forgot about the young guys, think again.

Mick Foley lost to Kevin Nash in a No DQ match:

Short, more of an angle than a match in which Syxx Pac and Scott Hall turned on Nash. This came after a lengthy exchange between Foley and Biscoff. TNA’s fusion of past and present still needs tweaking, but they got most of it right this week apart from Foley/Nash. 

For the rest of the show, you’re on your own.


St Louis: Second Time’s the Charm?

TNA’s all-cage PPV “Lockdown” returns to St Louis this year, just three years after the epic disaster that was Lockdown 2007.

On that occasion, the blindfolded cage match between Chris Harris and James Storm was the usual waste of time that we have come to expect from blindfolded matches. However, the stinker of the night was the Electrified Cage Tag Team Title match between LAX and Team 3D. Complete with fake explosions and piped in sound effects, that was the ultimate low in Lockdown history, and TNA would do well to avoid a repeat of those events in 2010.


Worst Ring Announcer in History of Wrestling

Mick Foley referred to Eric Bischoff as the worst announcer of all time (Eric was WCW’s announcer). Taz was quick to correct Mr Foley, by reminding us of Mike Adamle.

However, most of the Internet has not been too fond of Taz’s announcing, either. And that brings us to this week’s poll, as you should see above. Who is the WORST announcer in recent wrestling history?

Siva Prasad is a lifelong wrestling fan who hopes his disturbed brand of thinking might make for worthwhile reading, and wonders if people get irritated when he talks about himself in third person. Also, he’d like to ask you to leave a comment of any sort, be it slanderous or joyous.

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