John Terry Dropped, Vanessa Perroncel Gets PAID

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IFebruary 6, 2010

I guess we all saw this coming. Fabio Capello is known as a stern disciplinarian, and his choice for captain of his ship has definitely not lived up to expectation off the field and he did what everyone expected.

United defender Rio Ferdinand is the new England captain after John Terry was stripped of the armband over allegations that he had an extra-marital affair with the ex-girlfriend of City star Wayne Bridge. (Click here for details on the affair and allegations.)

Ferdinand has been selected to replace Terry as skipper, with Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard becoming vice-captain.

England boss Fabio Capello informed 29-year-old Terry he had been relieved of his duties after the Chelsea captain drove to Wembley for a crunch meeting with he’s Italian coach, who has a reputation as a stern disciplinarian.

It’s a shame that Terry was relieved of he’s duties as captain. I personally don’t believe that the affair or allegations is grounds to relieve him of a job he had performed splendidly.

In a statement, Terry vowed to continue “giving everything” for the England team, and added: “I fully accept Fabio Capello’s decision.” (Really? Did you have a choice?)

Capello made it clear that while Terry’s conduct on the field had been exactly what he wanted when he made his decision to appoint the central defender as skipper in August 2008, recent headlines about his personal life left him with little choice other than to relieve him of he’s duties.

“As a captain with the team, John Terry has displayed extremely positive behavior. However, I have to take into account other considerations and what is best for all of the England squad.

“What is best for all of the England team has inspired my choice and John Terry was notified first.

“When I chose John Terry as captain, I also selected a vice-captain and also named a third choice. There is no reason to change this decision.”

The British tabloids thought the story of Ms. Vanessa Perroncel is worth £250,000 but Ms. Perroncel didn’t think so and like I said in my article : "John Terry’s affairs with the Chelsea’s whore (Vanessa Perroncel) a disaster for England’s World Cup Campaign," Vanessa Perroncel is a groupie with a retirement plan.

Just like the Tiger Woods saga , Ms. Vanessa Peroncell knows she can’t be a groupie forever and after having affairs with everyone on the Chelsea team including the parking attendant, she has decided is time to call it a quit and cash in on years of hard work (literally). (Click here to read the complete article.)

While £250,000 might sound like a lot of cash, that was not the retirement plan she has in mind.

Reports are beginning to surface that Terry might have paid anywhere from £800,000 to £1,000,000 for her to ride into the sunset in silence.

Now that sounds like a better retirement plan.