The Pride of the Big Ten

David WilliamsSenior Analyst IJuly 1, 2008

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For several years now, the Big Ten has been looked down upon, considered a second cousin to other conferences such as the SEC and the Pac-10.  What was once the Best Damn Conference in the Land has seemingly been reduced to the likes of the (god forbid) Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East.

But hope is on the horizon.  The Buckeyes reloaded with an even better team than its 2007 squad, and so have Wisconsin, Illinois, and Penn State.  Michigan brings new blood into a league considered way behind in offensive schemes, and the results look promising.


2008 is the year we as a conference rise to the top.


And if that doesn’t happen, 2009 is the year, etc., etc.


While members of the Big Ten may be enemies on Game Day, we support each other above all others when playing against the SEC and/or Notre Dame football.  This bond cannot be broken, with the exception of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry, where OSU fans might burn a couch if the Wolverines win a game, period.


The Big Ten Conference has plenty to be proud of, so here's a journey through all of the schools for your enjoyment.




The Pride of the Big Ten


Woke up one morning in a strange, foreign land

Where the Mississippi was plentifully flowin’

I had seen a Hawkeye crossing my path

A place where Drew Tate’s fame had grown


Then I traveled up North to Minnesota

The forest and lakes of this place were vast

Marion Barber once roamed this village

Where running backs dominated in the past


My travels took me East to Madison,

To where I took the Midnight Train

I heard a rumble coming from Camp Randall Stadium

The fans were jumping to House of Pain.


South we go to Evanston outside of Chicago

With a beach and skyline of the land

A pinnacle of academia at Northwestern University

They love the purple people, man.


South of Northwestern in a land called Chambana

Without their Chief, The Fighting Illini ascend

Juice is on the verge of greatness

And has a Heisman contender in Regis Benn.


I’m off to Indiana, where the Hoosiers roam

Known for its quality basketball and College Football Hall of Fame

An inspirational coach changed the mindset of the program forever

But he passed.  R.I.P., Terry Hoeppner, what a shame.


Also in the Hoosier state live the Boilermakers

A safe haven for quarterbacks in this great state

With Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, and now Curtis Painter

Coach Tiller’s last hurrah will surely be worth the wait.


Up north again I travel to Michigan State

Where the Spartans clash with their conference foes

Mark Dantonio fervently seeks to get out of the shadow

Of Ohio State and Michigan, everybody knows


Now I’m in Ann Arbor, the land of the Wolverines

Located cross-state, I rested in unfriendly territory

The rivalry with Ohio State had been going on for years

With Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, and a long history


From the Charles Woodson/David Boston fight

To the famous game of number two against number one

The epic rivalry between these two titans

Always gave yearly bragging rights to the school who won.


My second to last stop was East in Happy Valley

The location of a legendary coach, Joe Pa

Who gives the Big Ten purpose and meaning

With his class and dedication to academia


Finally back to my home state in Columbus, Ohio

A vast land, larger than the rest

Where Eddie George and Archie Griffin donned the Scarlet and Grey

Greater than most, almost as legendary as the Sweater Vest   


Yes, Jim Tressel, the conservatively-clad head coach

Has brought the Buckeyes to uncharted water, why?

With three championship appearances in six years

Holy Buckeye!  Best Damn Band in the Land just dotted the “i”


As I left this sacred land,

I took one last look at the ‘Shoe

So many great players walked through that gate

I would never see anything more beautiful, I knew


The Big Ten


We may not have the most unique of styles

And some of our coaches are beginning to rust

But we pound you in the mouth for 60 minutes of football

With our patented three yards and a cloud of dust.



Welcome, all, to Big Ten (and Ohio State) Football.


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