Why The WWE Should Push CM Punk As The Top Heel Of SD Or WWE

Victor JordanCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2010

In 2008 CM Punk became on the fast rise as one of the WWE's Top Stars becoming the ECW Champion only after a short debut on the brand,and gave WWE enough reason to see a positive side in pushing younger stars to the top of the WWE Food Chain.

However during this time CM Punk was greatly being shoved down many fans throats(including mine),and was rising far too fast. CM Punk became a Triple Crown Champion on RAW in a time Span of 6-8 months winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship,WWE InterContinental Chamapionship,and WWE World Tag Team Championships with Kofi Kingston respectively.

Afterwards Punk slowly began taking a back seat,as Creative started losing faith in him,but this soon ended in 2009,when CM Punk began an amazing feud with Jeff Hardy over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship winning the title a second & third time in the process of the feud. Rather anyone wants to admit it or not Jeff Hardy saved CM Punk from Mid-Card hell,and turned him into a TRUE Main Event Star.

By the end of 2009 after his feud with Jeff Hardy ended CM Punk was then the Top Heel of SmackDown(not counting Chris Jericho due to his reign as WWE Unified World Tag Team Champions,and spending a majority of his time on the RAW brand),feuding with the likes of The Undertaker,Matt Hardy,R-Truth,and others.

Punk then underwent a new gimmick,we're he was using his real life Straight-Edge lifestyle at a heelish stand point,and began shaving the heads of others as an initiation ceremony into the Straight-Edge.

This brand new under taking,would also give Luke Gallows(formerly Festus) a new leash on his WWE Career,as he became CM Punk's right hand man/body guard,and has greatly improved with his ring & mic work,since being re-packaged. The new duo would be dubbed the Straight-Edge Society,and would slowly begin to take over the SmackDown brand.

It didn't take long for the group to get rave reviews from WWE's Creative Team,as the duo soon became a trio,and got OVW Diva Serena Deeb a shot at WWE's Main Roster by joining the SES(which she nailed,as she is officially apart of the WWE Roster now,no word on when or if she'll have her first match on SmackDown or not).

CM Punk,Luke Gallows,and Serena Deebs easily gained heat with their new alliance,and CM Punk is now seen as the top heel on SmackDown next to Chris Jericho. There are rumors spreading that more members will soon be joining the SES,including Former WWE Star Joey Matthews soonto be returning to the WWE(due to his real life drug addiction,which got him released from the WWE in 2007,but fortunately beat),and Former ROH Star Bryan Danielson,who would be making his long anticipated WWE Debut,though they are said to not be the last additions to the Society,which would turn the trio into a powerful faction.

There's one of 2 ways WWE can capitalize on CM Punk Straight-Edge Society. They can give CM Punk the World Heavyweight Championship to Punk,by having him win in Elimination Chamber(which might lead to a potential CM Punk/Edge match at WrestleMania 26,seeing as how these 2 never really settled their differences,since Edge cost Punk the ECW Championship,and Punk cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship),or they can give CM Punk & Luke Gallows the newly prestiged WWE Unified Tag Team Championships. I'll give my input on why they should do either.

In my honest opinion i believe the WWE should give CM Punk the World Heavyweight Championship,he's proven he can draw as World Champion,during his feud with Jeff Hardy,and would easily get heat,but that's not really important. It's the fact that CM Punk could do SmackDown a major overhaul in booking matches,which is needed,after the bogus onslaught of repeat matches from the SmackDown booking team in recent months. This could mean potential World Championships matches with rising star R-Truth,John Morrison,Edge,and others which would greatly freshen SmackDown's Main Event scene.

Why WWE should give CM Punk & Luke Gallows the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships,is because if they go the Punk/World Championship route,then Gallows would have nothing. Although they could easily give the Championships to Gallows & Mercury/Danielson,which ever the WWE decides,and have Deebs manager the new team. Another good thing with WWE going the Punk & Gallows/Tag Team Championships route,is this gives the titles potential to become real draws again(which is what WWE is looking for,hence them unifying the titles).

Either way i think WWE would benefit greatly by pushing CM Punk as the top of the Tag Team Division or in the Main Event.