Olympic Boycotts: Meaningless Politics

A BCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

I hate to say I agree with George Bush, but I do. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton was all up in his kitchen about boycotting the Olympic opening, because you know, China will stop ethnically breeding Tibet out of existence if Bush doesn't show up to their party.

This leads into the big debate lately. Should countries actively boycott the Olympics to send China this lesson?

NO! Idiots.

Let me explain, in case anyone has forgotten. The Olympics are about amateur sports, sometimes professional sports, but I am pretty sure the focus is still on muscly people doing things that most of us cannot do, for our amusement. Like dancing bears.

These people train their whole lives and yet some people feel compelled to create a big thing out of it and ruin their careers, their one chance at a Wheaties box to make some political point.

This is the one time a year the whole freaking world will watch the javelin and get behind some poor guy who lost out on the game of talents and got throwing a pointy stick in the 21st century over, you know, rocket science or something. He's a star if he wins and people will love him for it and we'll all feel good about it.

If you want to teach China a lesson, beat them at water polo.

Boycotting the games will more or less make TV less exciting for a few weeks. It will not impact the serious political and human rights issues in China.

What's more, since when is different bad? I legally cannot go drink in the road. In China, they cannot overthrow the government. You win some, you lose some. Clearly, there are some big issues they face (some rather medieval enforcement of the one child policy), but other countries should stop doing things like executing the legally retarded in Texas before getting too uptight about it.

China has its problems, it also has a billion people and that's a tough place to manage. If the Olympics were in Darfur, maybe a boycott would be in order. So if you want to go change the world, start there, and leave my couple weeks of pointy stick throwing competitions alone.