Thumbs UP, Thumbs DOWN: This Week in the NFL

Joe MorganSenior Analyst IJuly 1, 2008

The NFL is starting to kick back into gear with training camps starting soon. However, other events in the league have stirred up some buzz as well. I've picked out two events that have helped and hurt the league this past week and given them my "thumbs up" and "thumbs down."



THUMBS UP: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


Thank you, Roger Goodell.


Thank you for finally speaking up. It's about time.


Goodell stated that it was "ridiculous" to give rookies such as Jake Long and Matt Ryan lucrative contracts that total $57 million and $72 million, respectively. "There's something wrong about the system," Goodell said, "The money should go to people who perform." 


Goodell is absolutely correct and I agree with him entirely. Would you pay Matt Ryan, a talented, but inexperienced rookie, more than three-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to lead your team?


I didn't think so.


Goodell, however, suggested that there should be a provision in rookie contracts that allows them to be re-structured as a result of a player's performance on the field. This is another great idea.


Unfortunately for the NFL, rookie contracts will continue to grow and will probably lead to problems between the NFL and the players' union.


However, Roger Goodell has given his opinion and hopefully his influence as NFL commissioner will help fix the game.


THUMBS DOWN:  Baltimore Ravens' CB Derrick Martin


Ravens' cornerback Derrick Martin was arrested on charges of drug abuse when marijuana was found in his possession at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.


Martin is set to appear in Cleveland Municipal Court on July 15.


After two seasons of limited playing time with Baltimore, Martin had a breakout season in 2007 with 40 tackles and two interceptions for the 5-11 Ravens.


Martin, who will look to build on his success last season, suffers a setback in his NFL career due to a foolish mistake.