DeAngelo Dinero: What Was The WWE Thinking

Brian WoodsContributor IIFebruary 5, 2010

I don't normally watch TNA, but lately I have been tuning in on thursday nights just for one reason really, and that's "The Pope" DeAngelo Dinero.

He has alot of charisma, some of the best promos I've seen come out of TNA. He's a very good technical wrestler and of course the use of his hands are pretty much un-paralleled.

So why did the WWE release him in the first place. He shinned during the ECW originals versus the "New Breed", being the spokesman for them.

Pretty much the only one with any talent seeing that everyone in the "New Breed" was released since then exept for Matt Striker, but he dosent wrestle any more.

Though that was pretty much the best it got for him in the WWE, because he didn't get much push after that.

The best shot he got in the WWE if I remember correctly was just number 1 contender shots and not actually getting a shot at the title.

Later on he would have a short feud with then World Heavyweight champion Batista where Batista said his upcoming match with Burke was the last thing on his mind. Which shows how disrespected he was in the WWE.

His match last night versus A.J. Styles (who is another person that gives me a reason that I watch TNA, sometimes) pretty much sold me that the WWE made a huge mistake by getting rid of him.

The WWE has made mistakes before with the people that they release A.J. Styles, Matt Morgan, Rhyno, etc. but this to me might have been one of the biggest.

Dinero is going to be huge in TNA it wouldn't be far fetched to say that sometime in the future he will be a world champion. I say this the day after he just beat the current world champion.

As for what the WWE was thinking I don't know but what I do know is that they will be regreting releasing him for a long time.

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