Super Bowl XLIV: Spotlight On PFPMA Today (National Wear Red Day)

Zach BolenContributor IIIFebruary 5, 2010

In Miami, Florida, on this fifth of February, we stand just over 72 hours away from the biggest spectacle in all of sports. While reporters and journalists are still looking for that amazing interview or press conference coverage, you can be sure that the spotlight will be shining on a new set of starts today.

Today marks the National Heart Association's "Wear Red Day." The PFPMA, or Professional Football Player Mothers Association, has teamed up with the NHA to help raise awareness about heart disease. Now the focus is on women, as over the last several years heart disease has gone from primarily a male trait-ed disease to a non-biased one.

Even though it is labled "awareness for women," the NHA wanted to point out that they wanted to educate every one about the potential risks of heart disease, men and women alike. The PFPMA has helped by fundraising, making apperances in various locations, as well as giving interviews on the subject.

It is urged that everyone everywhere wear something red today to show support for the group and help promote awareness of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

The NHA has released some information about what can be done to help prevent heart disease, such steps as eat a bit healthier as well as work on a regular regiment of exercise. These steps seem like such common sense, but this writer can tell you, I certainly take it for granted.

I, like many Americans, figure that it won't be a big deal to start eating more salads or start working out tomorrow. Problem is that tomorrow turns into the day after, and then the day after, and eventually it has been a year, and nothing has been done. When will the procrastination end?

The PFPMA has recently made an appearance at Macy's department store, who is a major backer of the campaign, sporting their son's jersey, informing people about the urgency to take action now.

Today, all of the PFPMA are in South Florida, wearing all red, doing interviews with the press, and continuing their work, putting the focus of the Super Bowl aside for a greater cause.

Now, whether you are a Saints fan, a Colts fan, or any other fan, I call upon every one of you to put aside our competitive differences today, look in our closets and dressers to find that something red, and help support a fight that is worth fighting. Tomorrow, we can get back to business as usual.



You can find more information about heart disese or make a donation at the National Heart Associations website at