Big Information On WWE NXT: What Will the Format Be?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 5, 2010

As the WWE Universe found out just a few days ago on the ECW broadcast, a new evolution will take place in the WWE. ECW will disband, and a new program will take it's place. As most of us know by now, that program will be WWE NXT.

There are currently two ideas for NXT, and here is what they are:

The first is that it would be treated as more of a reality show, similar to Tough Enough. It would follow wrestlers on the program through their daily lives and how they make their way up in the WWE. Kayfabe would be nonexistent really, it would be an actual reality of what a wrestler goes through.

The other idea, which makes the most sense, is to have a program like ECW was. It would be a regular brand, but considered more of the college football to RAW and SmackDown's NFL, if you know what I mean.

It would not be a developmental league like FCW, but an obvious step up. It would be built around the young stars the WWE has and feature them weekly rather than the older stars in the WWE. The big name stars, the pros if you will, won't be on NXT. So people such as Christian and Shelton Benjamin wouldn't be on the show competing every single week. Which means they'd probably end up on RAW or SmackDown.

I would venture to say that we'd see it played out similar to college sports are. Where a draft would happen yearly for the NXT stars at some point. But, thats not confirmed.

I, for one, as a sports fan, would love to see it played out as the second choice. Where we know for a fact the people on the show would be the rising young stars in the WWE and not the older vets on some dying program that is no where near show it was outside of the WWE.

This is a new WWE product, one that can be great if done correctly. You give us great young stars who can wrestle and put on a great show, we'll want to watch. And heck, if it turns out really good, whats the harm in going two hours with it.

The reason ECW never went to two hours was because it didn't take off like the WWE thought it would. And because Vince McMahon never wanted it to be better than his RAW or SmackDown, he didn't put much into it.

This was why we didn't see the WWE's biggest stars on the brand, because you obviously couldn't make it better than RAW or SmackDown. If we saw a big star there it was only one, who was the star of the brand. People like Matt Hardy and Chris Benoit went there to add some sort of star power.

But because it was just one guy, and basically mid-carders at the time they left, it didn't do much for the brand. Sure, ECW was owned by Vince McMahon like everything is in the WWE. But he'd never let the letters of a show he didn't invent beat something of his original making, that’s just fact.

NXT is all Vinny Mac's, which means he will want to make it great, far better than ECW ever was in the WWE. McMahon is said to be really invested in NXT, and has big plans for it, of which we will surely see coming soon.

This show has the potential to be great, and while ECW didn't turn out the way many fans hoped it would, NXT is a brand new product that fans will most likely love.

The stars on the show may not be household names right now, but they will be soon. The WWE will make the stars on that show just as popular as the ones on RAW and SmackDown.

As far as I'm concerned, this could be one of the more exciting shows wrestling wise out there. I've seen the stars in FCW who will surely be coming up for the show, and they are terrific. With that being said, we will likely see some spectacular matches.

WWE NXT will now offically debut Tuesday February 23rd

But what do you think? Will NXT do well? And what would you rather see, a reality show or brand?