Bengaldom Should Be Considering On Super Bowl Sunday

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Bengaldom Should Be Considering On Super Bowl Sunday
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Cincinnati is a town that avoids change as much as possible.  So this Sunday should be nothing out of the norm for this town.... cold, a "wintery mix" forecast that ranges from 2 - 8 inches of snow, and a Bengal-less Super Bowl. 

Our off-season started off with a bang with the resigning of Mike Zimmer but has slowed to a screeching halt with Rey getting arrested and Chad demanding TO for the 2010 campaign.  OchoCinco, Coles, Owens... sounds more like the 2012 NFL Network Broadcasting team then a productive group of elite receivers.

As 99.9% of American's watch the Super Bowl just to attend a party, drink beer and eat crappy food it makes me wonder what the Brown family does on Super Bowl Sunday. 

So what is next for the powers that be in Bengaldom.  Watch carefully, take notes, and understand how these two teams made it to Miami

Here is my quick list:


1. Threats - Every skill player is one at all times

2. Mistake Free - Penalties will be a minimum... take the Under and the Saints to commit the 1st

3. Dynamic Passing Game - The game has changed... QB's rule the league and the refs


4. Pressure - Everyone can pressure with a blitz... Winners do it w/o the blitz

5. Secondary - Revis couldn't do it all by himself; these secondaries tackle, communicate, and are ball-hawks

The great thing about these characteristics is that the Bengals are not far off from achieving these qualities.  Having the 3rd youngest team and a solid coaching staff; really doesn't make me feel like we can't improve in these areas. 

Think about the Bengals in 2 years if the correct decisions are made

1. Threats – They are out there… Sign and draft wisely…

2. Mistake Free - The 3rd youngest team is now in their mid to late 20's aka Prime

3. Dynamic Passing Game - Carson is locked for 5 more years... he needs help on the outside.  Veteran receiver with youngsters around him is dangerous.

4. Pressure - I'm confident with Zimmer

5. Secondary - I'm confident with Zimmer

That being said the Bengals are closer then you think even though they are as boring as a lecture on library logistics.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, have a beer, and pray that the Brown family tree is taking notes and not resembling the guy at this party…

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