Super Bowl Dog House: Can the Cleveland Browns EVER Get to the Big Show?

Phil NagyContributor IFebruary 5, 2010

With roughly 48 hours to go until Super Bowl XLIV kicks off, I find myself wondering—will the Browns ever make it there?

The lifelong heartbreak of Browns fans has been well documented. As a 28-year lifelong fan, I know how heart-wrenching it has been for me personally. However, I look at fans like my father, who has waited for decades to see his beloved Browns make it to the big game.  

Since the reinstatement of the Browns in 1999, it's ranged from bad to worse for this franchise. Technically we did make the playoffs once, but even 400-plus passing yards from Kelly Holcomb couldn't get us past the Steelers in the wild card game.

Sure, we hated the mid-'80s, "The drive." "The fumble." But, honestly, at least those games were playoff games that were a play (or a drive) away from the Super Bowl.  

Will this team ever make to that level again? It might be a new kind of agony to lose in the conference championship every year (Bills and Eagles fans are nodding), but I'd take it!

Where has this team gone wrong? Can they ever make it to the big game or even close? Are we cursed as a franchise, as a city?  

As I watch my father agonize year after year (still faithfully buying season tickets and commuting from Columbus for home games), I wonder if fans like him will ever be rewarded for their blind faithfulness.

Is Czar Holmgren the answer? Can this be the beginning of our run? I don't know.

As a Browns fan, I have eternal optimism—we have to. The only thing we ever have is "next season" and the thought of being 0-0 again. However, it does take a lot out of you to watch your favorite crumble year after year. At least it does for me.

Should I have any hope that someday the Browns will get there? Please comment and help me keep the faith.

Go Browns!