Supplements To Be Registered By The FDA, Ingredients To Be Disclosed

Devon TeepleAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2010

According to, Sen. John McCain has introduced legislation that will require manufacturers of dietary supplements to be registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

I am not claiming to be an expert on this subject, so I will let the information tell the story!

“All we’re saying is, list the ingredients, OK?” McCain told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday. “And register so people will know what they’re taking into their bodies. It’s not really outrageous when you think about it.”

I am not sure if this is the answer but it does make you think about the HGH, steroid, and supplement situation that is not only affecting MLB, but sports in general.

Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB, says this could be a solution to a common occurrence.  Numerous athletes who have tested positive have stated that they were unaware of what was being ingested due to improperly labeled supplements.

McCain also implies that this can saves lives in the process…

“Obviously, it would affect everybody because they’re so dangerous,” McCain said. “We’ve had amateur athletes die. It’s not as if it isn’t dangerous.”

The bill was introduced on Wednesday while in Washington.  McCain was not alone as he appeared with Kicker Vencill, an Olympic swimmer who was banished from the 04′ Olympic trials for failing a drug test for taking a multi-vitamin.

This is ultimately a step-forward in cleaning up sports.

Regrettably, baseball has seen the worst of what has transpired in the world of performance enhancers; however, this is one barrier that can be broken down.

Good is the only outcome that can come from this.  Despite the push-back that McCain says will come from the dietary industry, this generation of sports fan deserves to see its athletes perform at their highest level, with no excuses.

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