An Unbearable Truth: Tomas Kaberle's Future

Darcy FullerCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2010

As we move forward, the trade deadline is approaching quite fast. Well, actually its almost like double homicide for some teams since there might as well be a double deadline. Honestly, for the players it has to be twice the worry.

Now, one main area of spotlight surrounds none other then four time NHL All Star Tomas Kaberle. It just seems to never end when it come to discussion about Kaberle and the Maple Leafs. You have to believe without a doubt that Kaberle is not a Burke-type player.  We all now what happens if your not a Burke kind of player. Honestly, something has to give.

Burke continually insists that he has not and will not ask the All Star defence-man to waive  his no trade clause. But one has to believe Burke is itching to rid himself of Kaberle's contract.  Next season, if the Maple Leafs resign their RFA's it would leave them less then $10 million of salary cap room. So come draft day Kaberle is most likely on the next plane out of Toronto.

Now in my point of view, we really should keep Kaberle. Lets be fair here. He is one of the best puck moving defence-man in the NHL today. Toronto has struggled mightily on the power play. Keeping him would allow a 1st pp unit consisting of Kaberle, Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. Really now, what team wouldn't like that combination on a power play unit.

Toronto does not have much depth when it comes to offensive defence-man. Especially one of Kaberle's skill-set. Most of their D consists of defensive roles and truthfully no one on the leafs has a better first pass the Tomas Kaberle. However, reality says "Bye-Bye Kabby". I wish it weren't true, but i know its going to happen sooner or later and i'm actually saddened by that fact.

Whether i'm wishing or dreaming we keep Kabby is irrelevant. I'm fully aware all good things must come to an end. But this is one where it shouldn't.

He wants to be a leaf and you want players who want to play for your team and not for the money. Its really rare to see that now a days, but in the end Burke will have his way. So, just for now i will enjoy the remaining time we have with our longest tenured Leaf.