Nate Marquardt To Earn Elusive Rematch With Champion? Picks For UFC 109

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2010

Well, the "Dana White is shoving another card down our throat" talk continues to flourish as the once promising UFC 109 show draws near. The princess UFC fan boys are content with constant complaints of the show's headlining fight.

It's obvious that some people in this world are only happy when they are complaining. Not to say that I don't complain about the simple, minuscule problems of my life, but complaining about the UFC shoving a card down my throat will never be one of those petty headaches.

If I deem a card unworthy of my stressfully-earned, green-dyed trash that we all obsess over so much, I simply do not purchase the product.

I can't stress this enough. If you think a card isn't worth it, don't buy it. Enough with the "cards down our throat" talk, if you were doped into buying the card when you thought it wasn't worth it, that's your problem.

All ranting aside, I look forward to all of the positives that this coming Saturday has to offer.



Mark Coleman vs. Randy Couture- Randy Couture

Clearly, this fight should have taken place years ago when both Hall of Famers were still a serious threat in the MMA world. Even though their skills and star power have slightly diminished, this fight is finally happening.

Don't sleep on this one though, it has the potential to be bigger than most people could possibly imagine.

Both fighters are training harder than ever in hopes to prove all of the flaw-happy, journalistic young bloods that experience and hard work can be just as exciting.

The man with a considerably heavier weight on his shoulders is Mark "The Hammer" Coleman. Despite single-handedly laying down the tracks of the sweet science of ground-and-pound, Coleman has had far less spotlight than Randy "The Natural" Couture, even with a near-similar record over tough competition.

We all know what to expect from Coleman in this fight. He'll throw a few combinations to keep Couture off guard, but he's just patiently searching for the open shot, and once it's there, it's really tough to stay standing.

From there, ground-and-pound's Godfather will look to maintain his base while he rains down his heavy hands. If the opponent's game enough to handle the blows, Coleman will grind and bruise his way to victory.

Coleman has the heart, desire, and skills to shock the world this Saturday. The question is, does he have the stamina to finish the job against Couture?

Randy Couture always brings a buzzing ambiance into every fight, regardless of what ever the outcome maybe. Yes, his record isn't anything spectacular, but it's not his record that makes a Couture card worth the purchase.

It's the fact that no matter who he is fighting, Couture makes it a close affair, and he even catches us off guard with never-before seen traits.

With his Greco-Roman background, Couture will put up a tough challenge for Coleman in the sprawling department. With two accomplished wrestlers battling for position, this fight may turn into a kickboxing match.

This is where Couture has one of his advantages, he is a better all-around striker. His combinations are faster, cleaner, and more accurate. Couture might actually set up his shoots faster then Coleman does.

The biggest advantage for Couture is his conditioning. This fight will likely go all three rounds, and he can keep pace while Coleman tends to slow down. Like a true five-time champion, Couture will turn on the after burners once he sees the fatigue.

They don't call him Captain America for nothing; how often has that been said?


Nate Marquardt vs. Chael Sonnen- Nate Marquardt

The next No. 1 contender in the middleweight division will be determined as Nate "The Great" Marquardt takes on the up-and-coming Chael Sonnen.

Some would say that his co-main event status has gone to Sonnen's head with his recent interviews, but I see otherwise. It's nice to see a fighter say what's really on his mind, as opposed to the sugar coated, monotonous replies of others.

Sonnen knows that he is only one fight out from a championship fight, and he's in a kill or be killed mind frame.

He's going to use his Division One wrestling background as he always does, looking to smother and cause unbearable discomfort in his opponent through three rounds.

It's not that he wants to grind out every fight through three rounds, he just doesn't want to make any mistakes. He has learned from past losses that if he is too aggressive, he might wind up on the wrong end of a submission hold, as 70 percent of his shortcomings have come by way of submission.

With a solid Team Quest camp behind him, mixed with the determination and drive, Sonnen could potentially pull off the upset.

There is one major roadblock in Sonnen's path towards a title shot, and that is the great one, Nate Marquardt.

He is better in virtually every aspect of the sport, with an exception in wrestling. Even though Marquardt falls short in this area, he is still no joke and won't get tossed around like Dan Miller and Yushin Okami.

On the feet, Sonnen is in some serious trouble against "The Great." Marquardt has put on a striking clinic in his last three bouts, turning the dangerous grappler into a lethal, all-around warrior.

If Sonnen is able to get past the dangerous limbs of his opponent and secure the takedown, Marquardt has the ability to either get the fight standing, or secure a very tight submission hold.

A victory here will earn Marquardt his well-deserved rematch with Anderson Silva, should he win his fight with Vitor Belfort that is.


Mike Swick vs. Paulo Thiago- Paulo Thiago

Originally set to be the rematch between Paulo Thiago and Josh Koscheck, this fight has something special to offer, the "rubber match" between Thiago and AKA's welterweight squad.

Mike "Quick" Swick has the largest advantage that anyone has ever owned over the Brazilian, and that is the advice of two training partners who once battled Thiago.

When Swick is on point, he is one of the most dangerous fighters in the cage. Nothing can substitute for speed, and they don't call him "Quick" for nothing. His hand speed, as I've said before, can compare to a vintage Vitor Belfort, and if he finds the button, he also has the power to finish fights.

A lot of fighters look to avoid his lightning-fast hands and try to take the fight to the ground, but with extensive sparring sessions with Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, taking down Swick is no easy task.

He'll sometimes latch on to the neck with his "Swickatine" choke, so he is well versed in all areas, but cute little chokes aren't going to find their home against Paulo Thiago.

For some reason, Thiago still isn't getting his due respect in the fight world. A beautiful combination slows the rise of Josh Koscheck, and it's written off as lucky. He loses to the No. 2 welterweight of the world, then beats an unranked opponent, and it's written off as presumed.

With his grappling credentials aside, Thiago has turned into quite a striker as well. Does his striking compare to Swick's? No, but it also didn't compare to Koscheck's either. The scary thing is, Thiago has polished up his combinations with every fight.

One trait that Swick struggles with from time to time, a trait that Thiago has a seemingly infinite amount of, is composure. His time solving hostage situations and busting murderous drug dealers has Thiago's composure beaming through the night's sky.

All comparisons aside, expect this fight to be an excitingly close contest.


Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller- Demian Maia

The second fight of the main card will pit two Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts against each other, but don't let the slightly similar belts fool you.

Dan Miller just recently received his black belt, and if he wants to grapple with the distinguished accolades of Demian Maia, he is out of his mind. While he might be able to hold his own, Miller's game-plan should focus on striking.

Even though he isn't known for lighting people up on their feet, Miller can put together some heavy combinations. He also holds an advantage in the hands over Maia.

If he can switch things up and keep the dangerous Brazilian on his toes, Miller has a real great shot of winning this fight, but will he get the desire to play the combat version of chess with Maia?

As stated, that's just a bad idea as Demian Maia is a second degree black belt with countless grappling credentials before his transition into MMA. So yeah, his black belt is better than Miller's black belt, just saying.

But Maia won't stop there, working with the brutal techniques of Wanderlei Silva and the Wand Fight Team. Now how effective the looping hands of Silva will be with Maia is another debate, but the underlining fact is that he is working on improving his striking.

Don't expect a repeat of his Nate Marquardt fight with Maia, Miller isn't in comparison with "The Great." Maia should be able to use a good combination of jabs and leg kicks to set up the clinch.

From there, it's as some would say, money in the bank.


Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg- Matt Serra

This one likely has "loser is ousted from the UFC" written all over it, especially for Frank Trigg who begged for his second opportunity inside the octagon.

Trigg has had a somewhat prominent MMA career, but he has never been able to get past the upper echelon of the division, despite having the skills to do so.

He is dominant in the clinch with a second degree judo black belt and a Division One wrestling background at the University of Oklahoma. Trigg is very skilled in turning his opponent's takedown attempts into one of his own.

Although his grappling skills severely out-weigh his striking, the man known as Twinkle Toes has the ability to finish foes, but he tends to get overly aggressive, which is something that Matt Serra has been able to capitalize on before.

Serra does have some powerful hands, but sometimes people tend to exaggerate a bit. Nonetheless, his over-hand right is about as deadly as they come in the welterweight division.

The true skill of Serra lies in his jiu jitsu, where he should be able to counter the over-looked judo of Trigg. In any position on the ground, he is comfortable and it won't be any different in this fight.

However, this fight looks to be heading to the judges, and Serra's conditioning should give him the edge in securing victory.



Justin Buchholz vs. Mac Danzig- Mac Danzig

Melvin Guillard vs. Ronnys Torres- Melvin Guillard

Rob Emerson vs. Phillipe Nover- Phillipe Nover

Phil Davis vs. Brian Stann- Brian Stann

Tim Hague vs. Chris Tuchscherer- Tim Hague

Joey Beltran vs. Rolles Gracie- Rolles Gracie


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