Edge Vs Chris Jericho: Be Prepared For a Classic In The Making

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IFebruary 4, 2010

Now that all the ashes have settled since the Rumble, we are starting to see the bigger picture heading towards Wrestlemania. The one match I think most people are looking with the most interest is Edge’s title bout.

His return at the Rumble answered a lot of questions that the fans had on their minds. I think most are happy to see that we are about to embark the long awaited Chris Jericho vs. Edge feud.

This was feud that was planted in the minds of the fans when they first teamed up. Things were going smoothly, but the train would get derailed once Edge got injured.

Jericho moved on with the Big Show and they went on to have a pretty nice title run. While the anticipation for this much anticipated feud was side tracked, it was certainly not forgotten.

This was evident after Edge went on to eliminate his former partner at the Rumble.

The only question remains now is where does the WWE go with this? They have a money-making feud in the palm of their hands and if they play their cards right, they can make a fortune of it. That is a big if, though.

If you remember correctly, they had the same situation with the Undertaker and blew it.

I would like to think that the bookers won’t make the same mistake again, but as we have seen before it is possible for the WWE to screw up even the easiest things. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, though. They have put a lot of time and money into this feud and I find it hard to think that they would let this slip away.

While the WWE can go many different directions with this feud, I think the obvious route would for them to travel is have Jericho win the title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. That would leave it wide open for Edge to choose Jericho at his opponent at Wrestlemania.

We all know that an Edge v. Jericho match for the Title at Mania would be huge. With the proper build up this bout could easily be remembered as one of the best Mania matches ever.

I think it’s safe to say that both Jericho and Edge can bring it in the ring. The only thing that would concern me is how the WWE would build this bout up.

In the past, this wouldn’t even be an issue for me. But considering the track record lately, I do have my concerns. Just look at seem of the recent feuds that the WWE pissed away. Over the last year they ruined Swagger v. MVP, Taker v. Jericho, Morrison v. Ziggler, and Punk v. Taker.

All of those feuds had a ton of potential, but were ruined by very bad booking.  That is why I think the WWE needs to really focus on this feud and make it perfect. They have a chance to deliver something to the fans that can be remembered for years. Whether they give us that kind of feud remains to be seen.

I have a feeling though that the WWE will get this one right. We are in for a treat and I can’t wait to see how all of this pans out. In wrestling, there are matches that go on to become history makers.

You never know when they will happen, but when it does it is something that is never forgotten, and on the biggest stage of all we might just get that this year. So sit back and savor this one, folks, because these kinds of moments only happen once in a blue moon.