Power Outage: LaDainian Tomlinson Says His Days As a Charger Are Over

Michael SchwarzbaumContributor IIFebruary 4, 2010

LaDainian Tomlinson announced today that he believes that his days as a San Diego Charger are over , consequently ending one of the greatest tenures that a player has ever had with one team.

LT will go down, undoubtedly, as one of the top five running backs of all time. His influence on the league, and his impact on the NFL's defensive coordinators are immeasurable.

What did he do? What is his legacy?

Although everyone will remember that he never won a championship, he did accomplish a lot in his nine years in San Diego.

He is a former NFL MVP, five-time Pro Bowler, four-time first-team All-NFL, and a member of the All-Decade team for the 2000s.

He broke the record for most overall touchdowns (31) and rushing touchdowns (28) in a single season.

He is the quickest player to reach 100 touchdowns and 150 touchdowns. He also holds the record for most overtime touchdowns, three, along with the record for most touchdowns in a six game span, with 19.

He is just the second player in NFL history with 1,800 rushing and 500 receiving yards in one season.

He also holds many more touchdown records.  Among them:

  • Most seasons with 17+ touchdowns with 5;(consecutive) 2003-2007
  • Most seasons with 18+ touchdowns with 4;(consecutive) 2004-2007
  • Most seasons with 10+ rushing touchdowns with 9;(consecutive) 2001-2009
  • Most seasons with 11+ rushing touchdowns with 8;(consecutive) 2002-2009

If in fact his last game in San Diego is his last game as a dominant NFL player, he will be missed. 

But all we know now, is that in San Diego, it is Lights Out.