Why the Steelers Should Draft Taylor Mays

Spencer TucksenSenior Writer IFebruary 4, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25: Safety Taylor Mays #2 of the USC Trojans smiles on the sidelines during the spring game on April 25, 2009 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.  The cardinal team won 16-10.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
Jeff Golden/Getty Images

With the inevitable departure of at least one or two of our beloved players soon to be free agents, the Steelers need to look forward for replacements. This list isn't specifically for Taylor Mays, but he will be a big part of it.

I will be covering a few of the positions we may have to replace players with, and who I think it would be nice to get. Of course these would be best case scenarios but you understand.

Defensive Tackle

Terrence Cody—Recently I asked a certain someone (David Law) about what the difference between a NT and a DT was. He was kind enough to put it to me so I understood it this way: a DT is someone who is quick and speedy.

The reason they are allowed to be smaller is because they have someone else to help clog the A gaps. A NT is someone who is a big fat monster of a man. He needs to be big enough to cover the A gaps on his own.

Of course they still need to be quick and have skill, but they must be big since quite often it is a 5-3 disadvantage. This is the definition of Mount Cody. He is nearly 400 pounds and has to be given double teams if not triple teams on every play. Some people want to question. If you are going to give him one blocker you should buy a flat shovel so you can scrape your QB off the turf.

Offensive Line

Mike Lupati or Brian Bulaga—While this may very well be the most important section, I don't know a thing about it. I have heard that they are awesome, and I can figure the others would be taken. I am hoping for a pick on our O-line, but I wouldn't really wanna go first round.


Taylor Flippin' Mays—People have been saying his stock has been falling, and I say to that....all the better. That means we are more likely to get him. He is basically Ryan Clark but bigger faster and stronger.

He has very good instincts. He has Great speed, and possibly the best physical specimen of the draft (as far as overall awesomeness goes). He hits hard, but he isn't the best at wrapping up a tackler. There are some weaknesses but all players have them. Ryan Clark's weakness is now his age and speed.Just like Townsend.

Mays is going to be extremely helpful for our run support. Mays has amazing leaping ability and can cover sideline to sideline. Some say he has somewhat suspect hands, and I say...Well, welcome to the can't-catch-to-save-our-season club!

The abbreviation sucks but you'll get used to it! I still have confidence in his big-play ability. One of the huge reasons his production slipped this season is because he lost 2 or 3 of the starting linebackers in: Clay Matthews, Rey Maualuga, and I'm pretty sure Clay Matthews. That would be horrifying for a safety having to be backup for freshman and second stringers.


Joe Burnett—Don't even talk to me about drafting a corner back...ever...ever again (this season). We drafted two of them last year, and I have supreme confidence in the Steelers choices when it comes to defense. Seriously, don't even begin to start with the corner back stuff.

Defensive End

Jason Pierre-Paul—It's been a big couple of years for people in the NFL who have French style names (see: Pierre Garcon). I understand that they are Haitian (donate $10 to helping out their crisis) but I think that means they are going be awesome in the NFL! Garcon did great last season.

I think JPP could do well in the NFL. He is more of a finesse DE and would be something different to what we are used to. We may be used to power, but there is a reason Elvis Dumervil led the NFL in sacks. He was quick to get to the QB. JPP may be on the lighter side (266 Lbs.) but like I said you don't need to be huge to do well in the NFL.He had 16.5 sacks this past season. While I don't think he will be putting those numbers up soon, I think he could still catch the NFL off-guard.

Inside Linebacker

Not Rolando McClain—I was talking to a guy about this, and he was saying that if possible we should get Rolando McClain. I had never heard of him since I don't really follow college football too deeply. As it turns out, he is the highest ranked linebacker in several mock drafts. That said, I highly doubt he will be available to us at the No. 18 pick. Most likely the Giants will take him.

I personally don't think the Steelers will draft him because I have a lot of confidence in what we have. Timmons is probably going to start next season (I love Timmons, he will be awesome for years to come) and Farrior will most likely be next to him. If he isn't though, I think we have enough confidence in Fox to be able to step up.

That just about covers it. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.