Why WWE's NXT Will Fail

Scott ManyardCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

After Vince McMahon's announcement that ECW will cease to exist three weeks, I decided to look up what would replace it on Tuesday nights.

After I discovered that it would be replaced by "NXT" (Next Generation), I couldn't help but think that this idea was probably the worst idea possible.

For those that haven't heard what NXT is supposed be, here is a brief explanation:

NXT is supposed to be a program that is centered on the younger talent of WWE. It will also give that young talent the chance to be on national television and be in the spotlight.

Now a show that is based around up-and-coming talent seems like an interesting watch for me and other members here on B/R, but for the average fan it probably won't be that appealing.

With guys like Christian, William Regal, and Shelton Benjamin heading to other brands, all the casual fans will most likely be lost.

It seems great to see wrestlers from WWE's developmental territory "FCW" on TV, but how are they going to be able to draw any higher ratings than ECW did?

Let me give a quick run down of some rating stats to put everything into perspective:

Last week's ECW drew a 1.05 rating, which roughly estimates to 1.413 Million Viewers. If I had to guess what ECW's average ratings were, I would guess somewhere in between .08 on a bad night and 1.2 on a really good night.

TNA's record rating for a Thursday episode is a 1.4.

So let me get this straight: The people at SyFy are not satisfied with the ratings (keep those numbers in mind) that ECW was producing?

Spike seems to have a lot of confidence in TNA, as it heavily promotes it and they really don't finish that much higher in the ratings then ECW normally does.

So why would execs at SyFy ever believe that a bunch of guys that the common, average day wrestling fans have no clue who they are, would ever even come close to what TNA draws (which remember, is not much higher than ECW's ratings)?

For an Internet Wrestling Community person, NXT is a dream come true. However, for a John Cena, T-shirt-wearing DX die-hard fan, it's nothing more than "O.K., I'm probably not going to watch."

This is really the main reason why I believe that NXT will fail. It's not that they won't have the talent, but because they just won't be able to deliver the ratings that the execs at SyFy want.

SyFy will need the patience to wait for NXT to draw ratings, but I don't really know if they will give the new program the proper time.

Right now the execs there must be dying to have some higher ratings, but is NXT really the best idea to achieve exactly what they want?

In my opinion that answer is a resounding no.

I'm sure that the first episodes of NXT will draw well and give everyone a sense of false promise that NXT will succeed.

But just like what the case was with ECW, the ball will be dropped and we will be talking about how NXT is cancelled months or years from now.

And as I said earlier, is this something that most of us here on B/R want to see?


Is it what the casual wrestling fan wants to see?


So with that known, will that help NXT draw consistently higher ratings than ECW delivered?


And that in a nutshell is why NXT will ultimately fail.