LA Kings, Dean Lombardi, How About a Three Team Option For Kovalchuck?

Mike MillerContributor IIFebruary 4, 2010

Is it time for a three team deal to land Kovalchuck in Los Angeles?


The Kings are in the middle of a playoff chase.


The Thrashers likewise are in the playoff chase. 


The Kings want Ilya Kovalchuck. 


The Thrashers want to keep Kovalchuck but can’t get him re-signed.


The Kings have assets on the current roster as well as draft picks and prospects.


The Thrashers have said they want to replace the roster void created by trading Kovalchuck by receiving roster players in return.  Specifically, they want a top four defenseman and a top six forward.


The Kings don’t want to give up any roster assets at this point. 


They seem to be at am impasse, or are they?  Could a third team be brought in to make the deal work?  Specifically a team like Toronto who is “open for business,” according to GM Brian Burke.


Toronto is building for the future.  They are trying to stock pile draft picks and prospects to do this.  The Kings have prospects and draft picks to be dealt.


Toronto has players like Tomas Kaberle among others who might qualify as the type of players the Thrashers would like to get.


Yes, I know Kaberle has a no-trade clause.  I am not even sure what players it would take but it seems like something that could work for all parties involved.


Here’s a possible scenario:


The LA Kings get:

Ilya Kovalchuck


The Toronto Maple Leafs get:

Kings #1or #2 this year (I believe the Kings have two second round picks this year)


Thrashers get:

Tomas Kaberle

Alexander Frolov

Kings #2 this year (I believe the Kings have two second round picks this year)


This obviously is totally hypothetical but I’m surprised nothing has been thrown out like this yet.


Personally I would prefer the Kings stay out of the Kovalchuck sweepstakes because I think they will end up giving up way to much to get him. However, if they are determined to land the Russian Sniper, this kind of trade might be an option for keeping the current roster in tact.