Super Bowl XLIV: Why the Patriots Cannot Be Dethroned as Team of the Decade

Clement FocketCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

Tom Brady holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy as he stands on the podium after The New England Patriots defeated The Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX at Alltel Staduim in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

First of, I'd like to apologize if my English gets funky; it's far from being my native tongue.

One of the favorite hobbies of any Patriots or Colts fan is comparing the two teams. We’re always arguing who is more deserving to be crowned the best team of the decade.

It’s funny how both teams have been correlated during this decade, winning regular season games with certain easiness and boasting All-Pro quarterbacks, both knowing successes and heart-breaking defeat.

Pats or Colts fans love to argue on their respective quarterbacks. Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady? As a Pats fan, I still consider Manning as a better overall quarterback. He proved his regularity over the years and hasn’t choked many times. Still, Brady is more enjoyable to watch, less robotic, and really less boring.

Beyond this never ending debate, here is another one. Considering the Colts' past performance, can we consider them as a better team than the Patriots over last decade?

It’s a common topic. In fact, before their last debacle against the Ravens, the Patriots were undoubtedly considered as the team of the decade, but now it sounds like everyone is changing his mind. Is Brady the guy he used to be? Can we call that team a dynasty? Can it still win so many games?

If I had to answer those questions, I would say: Yes! Definitely!

Brady just came out of his second best year since being a starter. For instance, he threw 28 touchdowns (tied for second best in his career) compared to only 13 interceptions (tied for third best in his career). He completed 65.7 percent of his passes (second best in his career). He had a 96.2 passer rating (second best in his career).

That pretty much speaks for itself. Patriots’ records just do the same.

Indeed the team we’re talking about won three Super Bowls, four conference championships, and seven division titles over this past decade.

Most of all, the Patriots are the team that makes us all believe that having the perfect path, the perfect team, and the perfect season is possible. A team that won each and every game before choking at the highest stage. A team that will remain as one of the most hated and loved in sports history. A team that popularized American football over the world.

The team that got me to love the game! Me! The French Frog!

Finally, some are comparing the Patriots to the dying beast. A beast that terrorized any opponent but is now aging and dying.

Even if that is nonsense for many reasons (which is an other debate), though, this team still remains the team of decade.

Why is that?

Because even though the Colts put up great numbers over the years—even though they’ve got a Hall of Fame quarterback and won more regular season games than any other team this past decade—they also won two Super Bowls fewer than the Pats did, for as many division titles (seven). And, most of all, they were the beast that died so many times in playoffs.

Just for the record, Colts owner Jim Irsay wondered during media day how many Super Bowls his team would’ve won if the Patriots didn’t exist...

That statement just confirms mine. The better team doesn't wonder that. Whatever the outcome of the next Super Bowl, the Patriots will remain the team of the decade. One more ring won’t be enough. It might be close enough to further animate the debate, but it will never be enough to shatter the Patriots’ supremacy.

So let’s forget recent facts. Remember why we called the Pats the “Team of the Decade” and why the Colts have only been a challenger to that mantle since the rise of the Bill Belichick system.


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