Is It Time For Kobe To Rest Up?

Charlie JonesContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

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What isn't injured on Kobe Bryant?

Going through the list of injuries Bryant has suffered, yet still played, would be a post all it's own. He is a tough cat. He wants to win. But how bad?

You say it's obvious all he wants is to win, it's why he plays through broken fingers and sprained ankles. Dislocated shoulders and fingers. 

But can he sit on the bench?

He doesn't want to, but there comes a time when even he must let some injuries have time to heal. At the rate he's going he will be the most disfigured player ever to play the game.

Is that a category?

With 6 points in the Lakers last win against the Bobcats and a "discussion" brought up by the Lakers big men and their coach about not pounding the ball inside enough, maybe he does need a bit of a break. He is trying to shoot his way out of injury to no avail. His percentage is down and the rest of the now seemingly up to the task team isn't getting enough shots to bail him out of double and triple teams.

They need to get in gear as well.

Taking a seat on the bench would show Kobe has confidence in his teammates. It will give others a chance to shine. It will help take some of the pressure of, if just for a bit.

Kobe has already proven he can play through injury. But can he play from the bench?