Sex, Lies, And The England Captain

Darius StoneContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14:  John Terry of England looks on during the FIFA 2010 World Cup Qualifying Group 6 match between England and Belarus at Wembley Stadium on October 14, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I thought I’d take a detour today and muse about the scandal of the day. There’s no video tape (well, not that I’ve seen), so I went with ’the England Captain’ in the title.

Let’s face it—infidelity is as old as the universe itself. It’s disingenuous to blame John Terry for acting on his animal instincts.

Part of the problem here is this; from time immemorial, men have under-estimated the mystical powers of the business end of a woman’s femininity. The world is littered by the great and good and by ordinary man folk who’ve fallen foul and succumbed to this mystical power.

The England captain is but a mere mortal and only stood as little chance as the next guy with a hard on. Perhaps what is more tragic is that John Terry broke the cardinal rule of not banging the missus of a friend and colleague.

For that show of breath-taking stupidity, the poor chap has to face the music and deal with it (how do they say it)—like a man.

The hyperbole and hysteria machine that is the media is working overtime to ensure that they milk this for what it’s worth. Good juicy copy to fill the columns and air waves comes at a premium in this 24 hour ’give me the frigging news now’ culture that we have.

The question then becomes whether morality has a place on the football pitch.

If you want to know how big a deal this is, you only have to listen to the excuses already being made for England’s failures at the 2010 World cup.

If I were John Terry, I’d be pissed off that I’m already being set up as a fall guy—but frankly speaking, he should be more worried that his wife has a problem with his away game record.

Incidentally, there’s form on this very issue that Capello and the England team can draw on. It wasn’t very long ago, three World cups ago to be precise—that the USA national team totally lost the plot.

The USA captain at the time was banging the wife of a teammate and once that came to light, it was all downhill from there and the team never recovered.

My sense is that a captain has several jobs and it’s easy to debate whether on-field matters can be separated from or affected by off-field matters. Everyone will have an opinion about this and you can argue until the cows come home.

The thing is though, the glue that holds together all the attributes that makes a captain successful is trust. Once that’s broken, it really is a project to keep the team together.

Certainly, if I was a Chelsea or England player, I wouldn’t want to leave my wife or girlfriend alone in the same room with Terry. I would suspect that Terry would find it hard to command the respect of those that matter in the England setup.

The other bigger headache for Capello is that if he fires John Terry as England captain, he doesn’t exactly have the entire Vienna Boys Choir to choose from to get a new captain.

Steven Gerrard might seem to some as a natural replacement. But what does it say about a thug who bullies a DJ in a bar because the DJ refuses to play him a Phil Collins song and goes ahead and knocks a few teeth off the unsuspecting chap. I’m still amazed that even with the CCTV footage, the good folks of the jury saw it as self defence…but clearly, I digress.

Banging other people’s missus’s has consequences and I guess we’re already seeing the media blaming John Terry for another ”…but we won it in 1966” refrain.

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