Just My Opinion on Fred Wilpon

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Just My Opinion on Fred Wilpon

Yes, I know I have not updated Mets Prospects since the last day of July, But I am back now and ready to provide my insight on the Mets farm system and opinion on the Mets. I recently saw this article on the Mets on Forbes.com titled, Mets suffer under Wilpon, essentially arguing that Fred Wilpon is the worst owner in baseball.

First off, how can you say a man that spends the millions of dollars causing the Mets to have one of the highest payrolls in baseball is a bad owner while owners like the Pirates could not care less if they win because they don’t want to spend any money. Fred Wilpon just paid for, or at least partially paid, for a brand new 850 million dollar stadium in order to give fans a cleaner new stadium while giving fans a more comfortable and intimate feel while watching a baseball game.

But does Fred Wilpon really spend all this money so the fans will be happy and the Mets will win? If you actually believe Fred Wilpon cares about the fans and that he is a good owner then you are really trying to see the best in people and are being narrow minded.

CitiField might be the worst thing for the average Mets fan. The days of showing up at a game on the day of and buying a 15 dollar ticket are over. I don’t know if you have been to CitiField, but if so, how is cutting 15,000 seats and raising ticket prices good for the fans? The upper deck at Shea might have felt far away but at the “Promenade” at CitiField you can’t even see half the field from most angles.

At the beginning of last season, the Mets held a day for season ticket holders and partial holders to come watch the team practice. At the time I had a Sunday plan so I gladly attended to watch my Mets practice and to see the new stadium. After finding out the complete rip off of my seats in the promenade, I went back down to field level to watch batting practice. As batting practice took place, Fred Wilpon came out to sign autographs. Yeah, I know, who would value an autograph from some rich guy. Anyways, as Wilpon stood underneath me in the tunnel, I called out to him. He looked up at me and then I proceeded in telling him how he was taking the average fan out of baseball by limiting cheap seats and increasing ticket prices. I ended my claim by explaining that if I wanted to go to a business dinner then CitiField was the place to go but it wasn’t where real fans could go to watch a game anymore.

Fred proceeded by exiting through the tunnel. Less than five minutes later, security came down looking for me to throw me out of the stadium. Luckily I left that area, but my friends who were there told me how they were asking around trying to find me to throw me out. Thanks Fred.

I’m not saying Fred Wilpon doesn’t want to win and make the fans happy, but I am saying that he overlooks what fans really want and doesn’t understand how to win. In the article, Thomas Van Riper says,” Wilpon's two biggest problems: his assumption that New York fans demand a winner each and every year, and his apparent obsession with the Yankees.”

Mets fans are a rare breed. We wholeheartedly care and know about are team and actually understand baseball. We understand that it is impossible to win every year. So when we need to rebuild, please take a year off. We have the core to compete so if necessary make a trade at the break. But as the season is nearing, the Mets team looks questionable. So lets just hope Omar and Fred did the right thing this off-season...

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