The Battle of Legacy: Rhodes/DiBiase/Orton Triple Threat at Mania

James TurnerCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

Now I've heard enough blabbering about Ted Dibiase Jr. fighting Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.

I'm not saying that match is going to happen or not but why does everyone believe Dibiase needs to fight Orton. Where does Cody Rhodes stand in this picture?

Many people are really doubting Cody Rhode's abilities as a wrestler and on the mic. Cody's mic skills are above average. I actually like them. He has good wrestling moves and he has enough charisma.

Why can't Cody get a little jealous of Dibiase Jr. and tells Dibiase that he's the better wrestler. Dibiase laughs at Rhodes and tells him Rhodes he is out of his mind. So the tension is starting to rise.

That's when Randy Orton comes in and tells them to see whose the better wrestler. Legacy has been proving to Orton that they deserve to stay in the group. Now they're proving to themselves whose the better man.

That way Orton can have a match with someone else if he wins the Elimination Chamber. Or if they want to push it a bit further, they can make it a triple threat match with all these members of Legacy. That would be great, especially if Orton wins the chamber match. Then, the match would be for the title.

Now this is not something I believe will actually happen. But I believe that it could be in the back pocket of the creative team. 2010 is the year of major swerves in the WWE.

I still believe that Batista will fight Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 with Bret Hart and Vince McMahon on their respective sides. I see HHH fighting Sheamus without the World Title on the line.

My true gut feeling keeps telling me that HHH vs. HBK could be the Wrestlemania match. Oh yeah, John Cena vs. The Undertaker.

I give the WWE creative squad and Vince McMahon a lot of respect at this point of the year. They are leaving us fans with many options to go with for Wrestlemania. Usually, you see the Wrestlemania match ahead of time because that person won the Royal Rumble. Batista/HHH 2005 ring a bell?

Whatever the case may be, Cody Rhodes needs to battle Ted Dibiase Jr. This match will give them both credibility because I believe they could put on a really good match together, especially if Orton is in it and it becomes a triple threat.

This is real chance for ALL 3 members of Legacy to shine.

I would pay to see this match. But so many people are whining over the DiBiase/Orton match.

The hypocrisy. I've heard many people talk about Legacy a failed stable and they're not established yet (Rhodes/Dibiase). But now we want to take out one of the three members just for two of the three to battle it out on the grandest stage. Orton doesn't need the title. But that would make this match more interesting.

This match needs to happen so Legacy can truly establish themselves as a powerful stable. Next night on Raw, they all make up. Legacy beats DX for the tag titles.

I see this being a better possibility as I write this article a bit more. What do you people think? Legacy battling in a triple threat match a money maker classic in the making? Your opinions are welcomed.

Today I laid my best buddy, Darius James Ray to rest. May God be with you. R.I.P. man.