UFC 109 Predictions:Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

With all the attention going towards the other main card matchups, I thought I would shed some light on this matchup between the two welterweights, Frank Trigg and Matt Serra. I will go over what each fighter brings to the table and my prediction for the fight.


Matt Serra

Matt Serra is in this fight to prove that he isn't worthless as a title competitor—to do that he will have to beat Trigg.

Serra is very much underrated both on the ground and standing. His best asset is easily his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in which he has a black belt. His submissions are good, not great. As far as striking goes, he isn't very good.

Serra will look to get the fight onto the ground before Trigg lands any good shots then work to a dominant position. His key to winning the fight is not letting Trigg dictate where the fight takes place or get into a dominant position against him.

If Serra can get Trigg's back, then he may be able to lock him in a choke and end it. Trigg has shown he is susceptible to this hold in the past.


Frank Trigg

Frank Trigg, like Randy Couture, is fighting to prove that age doesn't matter.

Coming off of a KO loss to Josh Koscheck, things are looking bleak for Trigg. Unless he can win, he will likely be released.

Trigg is the better striker of the two, but on the ground, Serra has a slight advantage.

Trigg's wrestling is his strongest asset, and he will need to be in his best wrestling form for the fight ahead.

In the past, Trigg has been very susceptible to submissions, especially the Rear-Naked Choke, as I mentioned above. If Trigg can take down Serra early in each round and keep him there for the course of the fight, then Trigg will win.

Getting Serra to the ground is the key for Trigg to win.



Frank Trigg, Split Decision.

I think Frank Trigg will control this fight by not taking any risks.

The first round will be back and forth, ultimately ending in Trigg's favor. The second round will be spent on the ground, as Trigg takes Serra down early and keeps him there. Round Three is all Serra, both striking and grappling. Serra will look for a submission early, but be unsuccessful. The round will end with Serra ground-and-pounding from the top.



Trigg will keep his career in the UFC alivefor the moment.

Serra will likely be released in the following week and continue his career elsewhere.

If you have any questions or opinions that you would like to share, feel free to in the comments section.