Signing Day Not As Bad For The Hogs As Some Thought

Jon RiceContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

As Signing day draws to a close, fans who have followed this year's recruiting class can't complain. The Razorbacks set out to strengthen their defense this off-season and that they did. The Razorbacks recruited 3 Defensive Linemen, Byran Jones (6'3 297lbs), Calvin Barnett (6'3 320lbs) and Jeremiah Jackson (6'2 265 lbs) will be the big three that could see immediate playing time.

Coach Petrino said that "this class will give this team an opportunity to grow and get better" and that "the Coaching Staff feels as good about this class as any of the previous three classes". Petrino also stated that his recruiting is based off three things, Character,measurable's(which means strength,speed and agility) and Football Skill. In a press Conference today Petrino named off all the players that were recruited and said what position they would more than likely be playing.

Ten players from this class won state championships.There is a sense of how to win and what it takes to win, which is what the Razorbacks wanted and needed. With the help of Coach Garrick McGee, Arkansas has been able to build a pipeline into Oklahoma. Two of the recruits from Oklahoma were already committed to an Oklahoma College but then switched their commitment to Arkansas at the last minute.

Below is a list of recruits and the position that Coach Petrino declared they would be playing or could possibly be playing:

QB                 Jacoby Walker 

DT                 Calvin Barnett

RB/LB/DE        Jatashan Beacham

DE/DT            LaCraig Brown                                                                                                                               K                   Eddie Camara

guard/Center   Luke Carpenter

OT                Cam Feldt

LB                 Courtney Gaston

TE/De            Brad Hefley

WR                Javontee Herndon

K/P                Zach Hocker

CB/WR/KR/PR  Eric Bennet

WR/CB           Julian Horton

WR               Maudrecus Humphrey

DE                Jeremiah Jackson

DT                Byran Jones

DT                Jeremiah Jackson

LB                Jarrett Lake

LB/RB            Braylon Mitchell

OT               Denton Simek

DE               Chris Smith

Safety          Darrell Smith

Safety          Alan Turner

Safety          Daunte Carr

TE               Garrett Uekman

WR/PR/KR     Marquel Wade

note: players are in no particular order and positions could change.