A Season of Injury Part 1: The Golden State Warriors

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010

There are a few teams around the league that I am going to focus on that have had major injury problems, and the first team I'm going to cover is the Golden State Warriors.

They have had many players go down with injury, some serious, some not so serious, but all have missed some games, and that has contributed to the lack of chemistry that the Warriors have on the floor.

[B]Anthony Morrow[/B]
He'll be coming back soon from what I hear, but he's been having some problems with his knee. It always hurts when a guy that is averaging 11.5 points and 4 rebounds have to leave for any kind of time, but he's one of their lightest problems injury wise.

[B]Vladimir Radmanovic[/B]
Radmanovic was probably the key part of the Warriors side of the Stephen Jackson trade. Honestly, that's not really saying much, but looking at Bell and Radmanovic yeah, Vladimir is the better player. He to, has been struggling with the injury bug, his being a strained achilles. Anyone that has watched Radmanovic play knows that he likes to curl of of screens and shoot, but with an achilles injury it's hard to run, much less cut off a screen, turn, and shoot the ball. His shot hasn't been the same since he got hurt, and that's hurt the Warriors scoring because he's missing some shots that he normally would hit.

[B]Corey Maggette[/B]
This guy has been dealing with hip pointers throughout the season. Now you can look at the name and say, "Oh wow, he's been having two straight bad years with the Warriors," but honestly that isn't 100 percent true. When he is completely healthy (which hasn't been the case over the last few years), he can be a consistent scorer and defender, which he has shown he can do at times this year (see January 2nd-23rd). He's got good skills but his game involves taking the ball to the bucket, and when your dealing with hip problems, it's harder to cut to get into the lane, and also you have the tendency to shy away from the contact and protect the hip.

[B]Brandan Wright[/B]
I feel so bad for this kid, as he's been dealing with a dislocated shoulder. He hasn't been able to play a single game all year because of it, and coming into the season he had improved a lot and was expected to see some good minutes off the bench. Without him, they lose a decent slasher, who also plays solid defense, and the obvious thing they are lacking now...depth.

[B]Speedy Claxton[/B]
No surprise to see this name on the list. Claxton has the skills necessary to play in the NBA, it's just a matter of him being able to actually see the court because of his injuries. Speedy is yet another Warrior to have a bad knee, and that has kept him from playing at all this season as well. The Warriors have a decent backcourt with Stephen Curry, Anthony Morrow (see injury above), and the rest of their guards. Just another guy who isn't able to log minutes when they need him.

[B]Kelenna Azubuike[/B]
Before he tore ligaments in his knee, Azubuike was averaging 14 PPG, 4.6 RPG, and 1 APG (not really needed but thought I'd list it anyways). That's a lot to lose when you consider who I've already listed. He was one of their better three point shooters as well, and for a team that loves to shoot the three-ball, having this many good shooters is very difficult. Another guy down means they have to play guys who really aren't all that experienced, such as C.J. Watson.

[B]Raja Bell[/B]
Many people forget about Bell, because since being traded to the Warriors, he hasn't played at all (correct me if I'm wrong). He had an arm problem in Charlotte, but then was traded to GS in the Stephen Jackson trade, and hasn't been able to get on the court. Bell has talent, and is another guy that can take the ball to the bucket, and shoot as well, but because he's hurt, he's not able to go in there and give any kind of help either.

Those are the players that have been dealing with injury troubles. I'd also like to call your attention to the players that Golden State has had to sign to fill up the minutes that these guys can't play.

[B]Chris Hunter[/B]
Sure, the kid does have some talent, but he can't shoot the ball outside of about 8 feet...and doesnt' really have any kind of skill other than maybe an occasional blocked shot, or a dunk inside because of his strength.

[B]Coby Karl[/B]
Yeah the kid had a decent game the other day with 12 points and 7 assists, but that doesn't make up for the loss of Azubuike and Morrow. Another guy that can eat up some minutes, but you really don't want to have to play.

[B]Anthony Tolliver[/B]
I think this kid is better than people give him credit for, but again not someone that you want to have to play regularly. He could be a deep bench kind of guy that you don't mind putting in if you have to rest someone for a few minutes, but you really don't want to have to rely on...and that's what they are having to do.

Well, there it is, thought I'd call attention to perhaps the team that people overlook as having injuries. Comments are always appreciated.