Who's Better, Kurt Angle or Triple H?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 3, 2010

Kurt Angle and Triple H are two of the most influential figures in the wrestling business today. These two men have done so many great things and have earned more titles then a person can imagine. Both have been effective heels and great baby faces in their heyday’s but the thing about these two guys are that they are legends in the sport of pro wrestling. Folks have either admired these two men or hated their guts for many different reasons but at the end of the day, these two guys have accomplished so much in their career's that they have to be considered hall of famers someday. As great as these two men are, there has always been a question in the air, which is better between these two men? Well folks I really do not have a clue but I am going to write some of their accomplishments in their careers, a condensed version of what their career's have produced and I want you the wrestling fans to tell me who is better and why?

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle started his career off in 1999 when he debuted at the Survivor Series PPV. Kurt Angle had won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling in the 1996 Olympic Games. Angle right away earned momentum by winning both the European and Intercontinental titles in the month of February. Angle got to wrestle in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 2000 against Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho where he lost both of his titles. Kurt then went on to win the King of the Ring tournament that summer, headline SummerSlam, and feud with two huge stars in Undertaker and Triple H in the 4 month span. In October, Kurt won his 1st world title by defeating The Rock. Angle has won the only six man hell in a cell match in 2000; he has main evented 3 WrestleMania's in his career. Kurt Angle has had well over 50 five star rated matches from wrestling guys like Shawn Michaels to Chris Benoit. Angle has been known as a big match player because he always seems to come up big in the high profile matches. Kurt Angle left the WWE in 2006 and in September of the same year, he signed with an upstart company known as TNA. Kurt Angle took TNA by the horns and has made TNA legitimate as he steal's main events with guys like Styles, Samoa Joe, and even Matt Morgan. Angle is at a place in his career where he can make a young guy's career by having a wrestling clinic with them and making that guy look like a million bucks. Angle is one of a few men ever that can wrestle great and have awesome promos, which are very rare in a guy, I can only remember two men that could do that; HBK and Ric Flair. Angle continues to be a huge name in TNA and he is known as one of the greatest superstars of all time.

Accomplishments: 4 time TNA World Champion, 6 time WWE World Champion, IWGP World Champion, TNA Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, TNA X-Division Champion, WCW U.S. Champion, IC Champion, European Champion, 2000 King of the Ring Champion, and the only man in TNA to hold every single Male title at the same time in 2007.

Top 5 Matches: WrestleMania X7- Benoit vs. Angle; King of the Ring 01- Street Fight rules, Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle; Unforgiven 02- Benoit vs. Angle; WrestleMania 21- HBK vs. Angle; TNA Impact January 4th 2010- TNA Title Match AJ Styles vs. Angle.


Triple H

The WWE has seen so many great stars in its long history, from Hulk Hogan to John Cena, we have seen some big names in the wrestling business but I honestly do not think we have seen a bigger name than Triple H. Triple H started in the WWE in 1995 and he really didn't become a big star until he joined Degeneration X in 1997. Ever since then, Triple H has went and done things that most men wishes they could have done in the wrestling business. Triple H seems to be a consistent in the title hunt no matter what brand he is on or what time of year it is. Triple H has gotten a lot of grief for being married to Stephanie McMahon. Triple H though is a great performer that has been through so many tough obstacles in his career from the curtain call in 1996 to two torn quad muscles in his career ( 02 and 07 ). If anybody ever says that Triple H isn't one of the greatest, then they are nuts because he has done all most everything in the company and continues to be a main eventer to this day.

Accomplishments: 13 WWE World Champion, 2 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, 4 time Intercontinental Champion, 2 Time European Champion, 2002 Royal Rumble Winner, 1997 King of the Ring Champion, has lead 2 of the most famous stables in wrestling history (D-X and Evolution), Headlined 8 WrestleMania's, and has comeback from 2 quad injuries.

Top 5 Greatest Matches: 2000 Royal Rumble- WWE Title Street Fight Match Triple H vs Cactus Jack, 2004 Bad Blood- Hell In a Cell Match HHH vs. HBK, 2006 Backlash Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title; HHH vs. John Cena vs. Edge, 2008 Armageddon Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title; HHH vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, 2009 TLC PPV TLC Match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles; D-X vs. Jerishow.

Now I know this is a great list for these two superstars but I want you the wrestling fans to tell me who is better and why. I wouldn’t be offended at all if you guys could add to the greatest matches list for me or make any improvements on it but as long as you the wrestling fans are buzzing about this and wrestling period, then it's good for the business.