Tom Watson Drops the Hammer on Tiger Woods

Christopher Lane IIContributor IIFebruary 3, 2010

TIMONIUM, MD - OCTOBER 04: Tom Watson smiles at his caddie Neil Oxman after coming second during the final round of the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship at Baltimore Country Club/Five Farms (East Course) held on October 4, 2009 in Timonium, Maryland (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)
Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Tom Watson has been around the game of golf for a long time.

He has lived through some of golf's most special moments. Hell, he has been a part of some of golf's most special moments.

And now Tiger Woods need to heed the advice that Tom Watson is giving him.

While getting prepared to play in the Dubai Desert Classic, Watson was interviewed, and asked about the situation that Woods currently faces.

Realizing that Wood's personal business is just that, he briefly stated what he thinks would be best for Tiger upon his return to golf.

"When he comes back he has to show some humility to the public. I would come out and I would do an interview with somebody and say, 'You know what? I screwed up. And I admit it. I am going to try to change. I am trying to change. I want my wife and family back" Watson stated.

To be honest, he is absolutely right.

The last thing everyone wants to see is Tiger coming back and avoiding the situation entirely.

Of course, Tiger's person life is his own business. However, for the sake of his image and career, he needs to address the situation and let the general public into his mind state, if only for a brief moment. Then, and only then, will he be able to get back to doing what he does best: get that tiny white ball into the cup.

What came from Watson next, some can say is unexpected, but it is nothing new.

He criticized the way Woods handles himself on the course, mainly his use of language and club throwing.

"I feel that he has not carried the same stature that other great players that have come along like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Byron Nelson, the Hogans, in the sense that there was language and club throwing on the golf course," Watson said.

He went on to say that such actions can be forgiven from a younger player that has not been on the PGA Tour for awhile, and that Woods "needs to clean up his act" and "show the respect for the game that other people before him have shown."

The word that comes to mind when you hear Watson's name, or any of the names mentioned by Watson himself, is "class."

Guys like Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, and Nelson were ambassadors for the game of golf and always carried themselves in the most dignified manner. They carried themselves as true gentlemen of the game, and were proud in doing so.

Tiger has not always carried himself in the fashion that many of those men did, and, for the ones still with us, still do to this day.

Tom Watson is absolutely correct, but the sad thing is, he is not the first person to say it.

Numerous people have criticized Woods for his on course behavior, including Palmer himself. Tiger's only saving grace was his squeaky clean image off the course, but as we all know, that image has been tarnished.

Without a doubt, Tiger Woods should be considered one of the all time greats in the game of golf.

Now, it is high time he started to carry himself like one, on and off the golf course.